Searching female undead voicing for our first game (~LabelRefused~)

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1. CaptainMcOi,

Hello everybody!
I'm Marc, and since nearly a year me and my friend have started a game development team called heaven games. Our first title, Rising of the dead, an apocalypse based 3d adventure is currently under development. Below is a post of us we posted at several places, and we'd like to post it here as well. Reading the post or clicking the link will give you a detailed description. I'm looking forward to responses and am ready to answer any questions either here or in pm, though pm might go faster since this is my first forum post here, and I'm not very familiar with this forum just yet.
Have a great evening!
Shared post: Our team, heaven games, is currently developing our first game being an undead apocalypse based world, including many maps, dungeons and creatures starting to be added soon. Now, we're needing some younger female people that are up to filling out this form to voice some of these undeads we need. You can check out the form, as well as more information in the description below. Please share this so that as many as possible see it!
If this link doesn't redirect you to a google form, try this instead.

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2. CaptainMcOi,

Hello, just want to note, that even if you may not be able to contribute to this project yourself, I'd incurrage you to share it if you know anyone that may! It'd help a lot and the more we get, the more time we save on waiting. Thanks much.

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3. wolfi,

I can't wait good luck

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4. CaptainMcOi,

You can't wait for?

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5. Nikola,

The game to come out?

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6. CaptainMcOi,

Well the game will be exciting. Our goal is to reach public beta state where people might test things if they work as they should until summer, since I'll be very busy after summer, but no one can promise that and whenever we'd promise we'd break it surely so we don't. Well at least if not might record a let's play.

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