Audio Geeks Needed

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1. Maldalain,

Hi all
I am joining some important Skype conference for work and I have some audios that I need my audience to listen to alongside my commentary on them.
How to proceed with this: Letting audience listen to the audio recordings with my commentary at the same time using Skype?
Thanks all!

2. helleon,

I believe when using a computer during the Skype call the audio should come through also.

3. Vojvoda ,

You have an option in Skype to share system sounds. If you are using skype 8 then you will find share screen, then just check include audio and click button OK. It will make them see your screen also,
To avoid it, I know a possibility in NVDA which is called screen curtain, I heard jaws got it also so not really sure how to make it work with jaws.

4. Maldalain,

Thanks for the help, it worked, however I am thinking of any other way to do it, simply because I don't want them to see my screen as I will be pulling some details from many opened windows.

5. Parikshit,

I am really not sure about it but very long time ago i used clownfish for this purpose.
I am not sure if the current versions of skype support that software.
Maybe others can throw some light.

6. DragonQueen,

Hello all,
No, Skype's current versions long ago from 7 something don't support clownfish.
I believe you could probably use Virtual Audio Cable if you do not wish them to hear your screen reader. But the setting up process is a bit tricky and I couldn't make it work myself. If you're not careful and do not have sighted assistance you may lose speech. And I say that because Virtual Audio Cable likes to change the soundcard automatically.
Secondly, make sure you know what your sound drivers are and make sure you can roll back in case something happens. I am saying it all from experience. So, it's best to use Skype's sharing screen and audio. You can turn down the volume to your screen reader and have it only you hearing it, or you could also buy another soundcard and switch the screen reader to the other soundcard. I can't say anything about video, because I have worked in conferences only with Zoom, Hangouts and rarely Skype. Depending on what screen reader you're using, there are different options for switching the soundcard. I know that for Jaws and NVDA, the most popular screen readers there's soundcard switching support.
Hope this was helpful. If I have any mistakes, feel free to say that I'm mistaken somewhere!

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