Duck racing!

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31. Cristina ,

Ah, ok. Thank you Marina.
I did not know this nor the other player.
But here's something had happened while I played another game in this evening.
I copied and will paste here to make you understand and fix this bug if it is possible.

You use a card Challenge on GregMelldoon.
Cristina and GregMelldoon meet in rock paper scissors duel.
Make your choice:
Cristina says: choose
It's Cristina's turn.
Cristina and GregMelldoon meet in rock paper scissors duel.
GregMelldoon says: i did

Cristina says: ok I copied that to report
It's Cristina's turn.
Cristina and GregMelldoon meet in rock paper scissors duel.
It isn't your turn.
It's Cristina's turn.
Cristina and GregMelldoon meet in rock paper scissors duel.
Cristina says: nothing
Cristina says: wait, let's see if it will work.
Cristina says: I will save and restore
Saving is currently unsupported.
All this happened when our situation was:
GregMelldoon: 3 feathers, square 17/30, lap 4/5, 1 cards in hand.
Cristina: 22 feathers, square 24/30, lap 3/5, 9 cards in hand.
Then we restarted the game and after like 5 minute we get the next message:
Cristina chose Rock.
GregMelldoon chose Bomb.
Very strange. This message should have come when the game got blocked.
Hope it made sense the way I tried to make you understand the bug we got...

32. YNWA,

Yes the usual bots pause is a lot shorter than the time you have to answer the question so of course the bot rolls his dice before you answer the question.

33. Nightbird,

Not of course. Because nobody is able to roll a die before answering a question. And as you see, the bot first rolled, then answered. There is the bug. Otherwise I get your point.

34. Lemonade,

I have a similar issue to report. Sometimes, the turns of the bots end too quickly, I'm currently not sure if this is for players as well, but I'll try to test.
start log
Uncle duck uses a card Hand mix on Uncle duck.
Everyone pass his hand to his neighbor.
Uncle duck throws the die: 5
It's your turn.
You throw the die: 3
You advance 3 squares.
Square #12: ON water
Uncle duck advances 3 squares.
Square #8: Shady water
Uncle duck loses 1 feathers.
It's Uncle duck's turn.
end log
So basically what happened after the hand mix is that he threw the dice, but then it became my turn before he advanced. I think it has to do with a card being played, but I'm not 100% certain. Then when it was already my turn but before he advanced, I threw the dice myself, I advanced, and so he did he. But, he advanced 3 squares because I threw a 3, instead of advancing 5 squares because of the dice he threw.
I hope that made some form of sense. If not, I can try to elaborate.

35. cachondo,

1, Could number keys be used to report information of players hands rather than having to press s and wait?
And 2, how is best to play on web client when you need to press d on keyboard to view card details? is there any way of doing this quickly on a touchscreen?

Thanks, fantastic game.
All your hard work is very much appreciated.

36. JMouse,

I approve this game. Well done.

37. Nikola,

Hello. For the web client, double tap and hold a card to hear it's description.

38. YNWA,

I know this game is at an experimental stage but I do feel you can miss quite a few turns either by landing on a square that says mis x amount of turns or being skipped. Perhaps some of the skipped turns could be changed into reverses.

39. cachondo,

Thank you Nikola. is this documented somewhere; did I miss it?

40. Nikola,

No, there isn't really a place where such things are documented, but a long tap usually performs the same function as the applications key would on Windows.

41. Fawaz,

I was wondering if certain die limiting cards can be forced, means you can't change it with die normalizer.
there are bunch of cards yellow die, small die etc.. may be one of them you can't change it with other cards you just have to play for 2 turns with die3 at least.

42. Lemonade,

Anyone found any passive effect cards yet? I know the rules say the cards are rare, but I feel like they either don't yet exist, or they're all at the bottom of the deck by default. I haven't yet had a discard pile reshuffle so the latter could be possible.

43. Nikola,

Hello. I was actually wondering about passive effects myself, but since I have not found any either I suppose this might be something that will be implemented later. However, one unrelated suggestion for Aminiel if it is not hard to do. Could you make it possible to define the options with alt plus o before the start of the game like in some other games already implemented? This is especially useful because when a table is open, people often define the options in advance, and thus before joining you can check the rules with the applications key and know whether you like them or not, especially the number of laps in this case.
Thanks once again for a great game.

44. YNWA,

I was thinking of the title of this game and there is 2 options. It should be Duck racing. Horse Racing and Dog racing are 2 other examples.

The other option would be to give a name to the race such as Duck derby or Duck stakes as they would be named in Horse Racing.

Each new board in the future would be Duck race courses.

45. Lemonade,

I have to agree with YNWA about skipping. I think part of the problem is that there are quite a few squares which skip your turn, which devaluate skip cards a bit. Not to mention that if I play with a lot of players, I can literally go and walk my dog if I land on squares 14 or 18.

A possible solution would be to change one of the skip 2 turns squares to a play order reverse square. However, I think part of the reason why its so annoying is because the skip squares are so cloes together. If you go from square 11 to 21 (which is only 10 squares), 5 of them can skip your turn. If you're really unlucky, you could potentially have the following scenario:
Land on 11: skip a turn
Land on 14 by throwing a 3: skip 2 turns (at least this gives you 2 feathers)
Land on 18 by throwing a 4: skip 2 turns
Land on 19 by throwing a 1: 60% chance that you skip a turn, although there is also a chance that you get something good.
Land on 21 by throwing a 2: skip 1 turn
After that, there are no more skip squares until you are back at square 11, which is 20 squares later. In other words, the skip squares aren't very well divided over the board. I know we might have other boards later on which look differently, but that doesn't mean this particular one couldn't be a bit more balanced. For starters, I would suggest swapping squares 14 (cozy nest) and 28 (wooden zone) around. That would space the skip squares a little bit further apart, and it would also prevent someone from landing on a skip 2 turn square twice in a row by simply throwing the die. It would simultaneously increase the strategy element a bit (are you going to save that guided missile for when someone lands on square 28 so you can throw them back to 18 and skip them a total of 4 turns?)

46. Aminiel,

Thank you about your last suggestions.

Name of the game: if "Duck racing" is a better wording more natural for English natives than "duck's race", then I'll change it. That's no problem.

About the board: thank you for the suggestions. I'll think about adjusting some of the squares, maybe as you mentioned. It isn't yet 100% fixed. I'll let you know of any change.

47. Rory101,

another name that I think might work is the duck races.
also, another name, duck race, another name, race of the ducks, duck racing is probably the best though. make your pick, and take a look at my board that I suggested.

48. facelessghost,

Hello everyone!
I apologize in advance for my English.
I want to wish good health and good mood to the entire management of the game room!
And thank you for this wonderful game!
Now I will express my opinion on the game!
I managed to play the game through google using English, and taking into account the fact that I played through the vep version of the room, the installed extension translated it into Russian!
it's funny!
Despite the fact that the game was translated, I presented a picture of the game, and I want to say that this game is beautiful!
Here the game and logic are combined in a quiz.
about the questions, I think that there should be no problems, because there are various questions in the database.
Regarding questions on the British theme, it’s so great that we are asked questions that cannot be answered right away.
But then, when we make a mistake, we will already know the answer!
I came across different questions.
Unfortunately, questions about Britain did not come across!
However, even if such a question comes across, I will not be upset.
not in vain a quiz for the development of the mind and logic, so that I do not know something.
And the fact that the bots answer questions gives the game additional realism of what is happening!
Now I have three small wishes.
Please make it possible, before using the card, to see what effect this card will have.
for example, this information will be provided by pressing e.
It is reasonable if it will be possible to view the remaining time to answer the current question from the quiz.
and the third wish!
Please, if you release games and they don’t have support for the language that is used in a certain part of the game room, then make the game open in English.
I have nothing against French, but English in other countries is currently being studied more often!
Thank you for the games and for the wonderful time I spend at QuentinC!
If you comment on my post, I will be very happy!
All good games!

49. Nikola,

Hello. It is possible to see effects of a card before using it. Instead of e however, press D on it, and the card will be described along with how it is played. The applications key on a card will also do the same.

50. facelessghost,

Thank you, Nikola, for the answer!

51. Nikola,

No problem. You can always press F1 in any game to get a list of shortcuts you can use specific to that game.

52. Lemonade,

I would name it duck race instead of ducks race, but not duck racing. To me, it just looks awkward to 'create a new table of duck racing'. Horse racing isn't quite the same, because sentence structure is different. If people are watching that, they are going to the races, not the racings. But perhaps this is personal.

53. YNWA,

You can have duck race or duck racing but the reason I selected duck racing originally was it describes the objective of the game. Horse racing, greyhound racing and even motor racing are sports so if you had duck races then the sport would be duck racing hence my suggestion.

I do agree Lemonade with your other changes to the game so as they do improve things.

Zuletzt geändert von YNWA, Apr 13 2020 00:10:24

54. ajackpot,

Me and my colleagues are playing Duck's race.
However, the overall progress of the game is slow, so I feel like the game is halting.
Assuming that each process is a single process, such as throwing a dice, going forward, or triggering a droppable card, it takes 3 seconds and takes 30 to 40 minutes to play in 4 players.
I wonder if there is a way to improve it.

55. Nikola,

I don't find it too slow personally, but one thing that can be faster is when a turn is skipped. It usually takes a bit longer for the next turn, and if several turns are skipped at once indeed it could take some time. So if it is possible to slightly speed up switching of turns while one is skipped, that would be good.

56. Lemonade,

Can we please have the answers to the quiz party questions be in randomized for everyone? What's usually happening now is that a few people just try the first answer every time, and once the rest realizes that, everyone will choose the first answer because they hear others have the correct answer.

57. Fawaz,

something around 75% the correct answer is the first one lOL.

58. YNWA,

I hadn't noticed the issue so thanks for reporting it Lemonade and Fawaz this is not a matter for joking as there are practical reasons why most of the answers are in box 1 but I am sure it can be sorted out but I will comment on some other issues.

In Quiz party the answers are all mixed up so the answer could be in box 1, 2, 3, 4, even if the answer has been put in box 1 for the same question.

For example Who won the Champions League in 2019?

box 1 Liverpool
box 2 Tottenham Hotspur
box 3 Ajax
box 4 Barcelona

Answer as you should all know is box 1 ) Liverpool but if you change the boxes to:

box 1 Tottenham Hotspur
box 2 Ajax
box 3 Barcelona
box 4 Liverpool

And answer being box 4 and you had to keep changing answers to stop people knowing where the answers were you could have problems as validators could easily mix up options. There is also a box where you can adjust the answer from 1 to 4 and that box has been accidently moved by me without knowing in the past when I have internet issues and that's why I prefer to put answers in box 1 so I know if any accidents do happen the correct answer should always be in box 1. The reason this box is there in the first place is because if you have someone send in a question where they say the answer is in box 1, which is wrong but the correct answer is box 3 it is easily adjusted by changing 1 to 3 instead of typing both answers again in the correct boxes. It is not possible to select field boxes to hide that you don't need which would make validators jobs easier as you don't always need to know dates, and who sent in questions unless you wished to ask them about their question plus this adjustable answers box.

I think if we can have the answers change randomly for the duck racing game as we get for Quiz Party then that would be perfect.

The duck racing game has no issues with giving out percentages of correct answers given for each question as it does in Quiz party so I hope that can be changed too.

It is not possible for me to use questions viewer as it says this page doesn't exist.

59. Lemonade,

I don't think the issue is with the people who write questions. It would help more if boxes would be mixed up for every player, rather than simply being mixed up every time that particular question shows up. But that is an issue with the code, not the questions.
I was pointing it out because a bunch of people always choose box 1, and once people hear a few people get the correct answer, they'll choose box 1 as well. Similarly, if the first few people get it wrong, then choosing box 1 is probably not a good ide.a

60. Aminiel,


The order of the boxes are randomized, both in the quiz and in the duck racing. So if you think that answer is always is in box 1, that's a legend.

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