This is why I love random generators

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1. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

So I don't know if any of you have come accross warsim, but chances are you have, since it's been made pretty accessible.
In case you haven't, here is a very quick explanation of what it is: It's a menu-driven strategy game where you manage a kingdom that seems to constantly be at war with other factions and kingdoms. What I liked about the game the most was the ridiculous races, as well as character names and attributes the generators in this game can regurgetate.
Here are a few that amused me:
My kingdom is called insane nocturnal tribe, and one of our neighbours are the toothy wizards. People that have come to visit me include a particularly uggly guildsman, an obviously drunk night and an insane scholar. Ironically, when I threw the latter out of my throne room and didn't pay him for whatever repairs he was going on about, my public opinion decreased. I guess we are the insane nocturnal tribe after all. Lol.
Anyway, please don't take this post, or this topic in general, as anything too serious. If you feel inclined, do share your own kingdom or race names if you happen to have played this game before. If not, do consider picking it up, it's great fun, and the dev seems like the coolest guy in existence.

2. sound2,

Where do you find this game? it sounds amusing.

3. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

I found this while browsing They have a steam page which is a pain like all steam pages but the way I got it is from It's an indi game marketplace which hosts it. The game costs something like 5 dollars but I was lucky and got it a bit cheaper because of the lunar year sale that they were running at the time, which I do believe has expired. It's totally worth the price in my opinion, though I would replace some of the sound effects they use.

4. sound2,

Ah okay interesting. Thanks for replying.

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