You Are Cordially Invited to Join Group-Listenings of Audio Dramas

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1. metal_phoenyx,

Greetings! I would like to extend an invitation to everyone reading who is interested to join me and my friends as we delve into my vast collection of audio plays, podcasts and other similar types of material on our own teamtalk server. The audio drama productions which I own range from adaptations of classic literature to horror, crime and much more! Everyone's opinion on what will be viewed each time will be taken into consideration and, of course, there will be time to discuss all these intriguing stories after the viewing. We intend to meet once a week at first, possibly more often if this kind of event gains in popularity. Everything is subject to change. For any enquiries, or to express interest in joining one of our events, contact Metal_Phoenyx or The_Frisbee_of_Peace on this platform. We would love having you on!

2. augma,

i want to join your server
thanks mohit

3. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Slight change of plans! We have created a form that you can fill in with whatever details and preferences you might have so they are organised better. We will still be making announcements on this thread regarding what's new and when the next meeting will be held, so do subscribe to it if you'd like to stay updated. We do have a couple of people interested and we are thoroughly excited for this. We are predicting our first meeting to be held sometime next week. Here is the link to the form:
Thank you for your patience.

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4. metal_phoenyx,

Thank you everyone for the feedback, both on the form and here on the playroom. We are delighted to announce that, based on this feedback, we have come up with a time for the meeting as well as the first audio drama that we will be listening to. We have opted to go for an adaptation of "Treasure island", which will hopefully be relatively pleasing to everyone attending and a fairly good introduction. We will be meeting on Tuesday the 11th of May at 11 AM western European time, that's 9 UTC, 12 PM EEST.
We will be sending each of you who have written in with valid playroom usernames the teamtalk server details. There have been a couple of playroom users who have written to us directly but have not provided a username and password. We shall send the details to you as well and you can get back to us with your credentials by Tuesday before the event at the latest so we can make an account for you.
We hope to see everyone on Tuesday!

5. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello everybody. As our first meeting, which was scheduled for this morning, is coming to a close, we have a few notes and announcements to make to anyone who is interested. Firstly, we realise that communicating with all of you who have written in via inbox threads on the playroom is quite inefficient, so we are trying to decide which forms of communication are the most popular with you. Personally I would be inclined to pick something like discord, since we can create polls and make announcements that way on a server of our own, but we can adjust and use whatsapp, skype, telegramm or whatever else you guys might propose. Secondly, the time for the next event is scheduled for this Friday at 12 PM UTC (tat's 2 Pm Western European Summer Time, 3 PM Eastern European Summer time, 5:30 PM India time. I believe that covers everyone who's written in, if not we'll figure something out. The form is still up for anyone who would like to join us. Please do write in with your suggestions for what means of communication you're most comfortable with and we'll pick the most popular one.

6. metal_phoenyx,

Hello everyone and welcome to today's update.
The audio drama group met today for the second time, and visited the first episode of Homer's Iliad. I was unable to attend unfortunately, but Frisbee, today's host, says it was a success. Time and again, my thanks fly warmly towards both the host and all those who participated.
I'll be on the server tomorrow, Saturday, from 2 PM Western European time, 12 PM UTC. If Frisbee is around, we might continue the Iliad. Else, I'll try to look for something more light-hearted instead, and leave the serious stuff for next week. By the way, next official meeting is on Tuesday, May 18, at 8 PM UTC, 10 PM here in Western Europe.

Looking forward to seeing everyone around, both old friends and new.

Long live beautiful stories!

7. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello and thank you to everyone who was kind enough to drop by today. We had quite a few people and we watched a couple of episodes of "nightfall" to change it up from last time. On Tuesday we shall be returning to Homer and "world of war" will probably ensue after we are done. If this topic isn't too much of a clutter, we shall continue posting announcements on this thread, but we have set up a mailing list to allow for easier communication among more regular attendees. Whoever has signed up and would like their e-mail added to the list, please contact me. If you would like to join us, the form will be open until further notice. A slight correction to metal_phoenix's last post. Tuesday's meeting will take place at 8 AM as opposed to 8 PM UTC. That's 11 AM EEST, 10 AM WEST, 1:30 PM India time. Thank you again and we hope to see everyone on Tuesday.

8. metal_phoenyx,

A big apology for that mistake, we definitely meet next Tuesday in the morning. And a bigger thank you for the correction. I wish you all a very pleasant rest of the weekend.

9. alip902,

Hi. I just filled the form and hope to be able to join in for next time.

10. metal_phoenyx,

Hello again,

Here's our report for this week:it is a big example of total diversity. We listened for the second and final episode of Homer's Iliad, an eternal classic. In my opinion more emotionally charged compared to the first part, but in the same time less descriptive and concentrating more on the story. In contrast, for our second meeting, we discovered Night Terrace, which made us travel far to the future; I admit smiling more than once during the first episode of this Scifi series.

If everything goes well, next week we'll meet both on Tuesday and Friday, at noon UTC, = 2 PM western European time = 3 PM in Eastern Europe. We always welcome new members, we aim to make our place a real home for any audio drama enthusiast. If you want to join us, you only need to contact either me or The_Frisbee_of_Peace, and we'll make an account for you. We also offer to help all those who don't know how to use TeamTalk, it is not as difficult as it seems.

Cheers, until our next report!

11. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hi everyone. Another meeting took place today and we would like to extend our thanks to those of you who could attend or drop by to say hello. We continued the sieries we started last Friday and I believe we all thoroughly enjoyed it. Two episodes of it went by like nothing and we expect to have a lot more fun with it in meetings to come. Next meeting is at 11 UTC on Friday.
A small notice to some of you who have completed the form but have not received a message from us containing the server details; we are unfortunately unable to reach those of you who have disabled receiving messages from everyone in the privacy settings of the playroom, however we have created all the accounts with the credentials you requested on the form. Either reach out to one of us or enable messages from everyone for a short while so we can reach you. Thanks and have a nice rest of your week.

12. metal_phoenyx,


Well yes, you've seen it coming I'm sure! Here's the report for this time. Total change of plan this Friday, for reasons I won't detail here; we had a great time nevertheless.

We listened to The Memorandum, perhaps the most famous play written by Václav Havel. The plays combines absurd and humour in an exquisitely ingenious way. I warmly recommend it to all those interested in satirical works about totalitarian regimes. Another interesting fact about this play is the almost total absence of sound effects, which gives a different and I'd say special weight to the spoken word itself.

This is now already past, so let's think about the future. Next Tuesday at 11 AM UTC we'll probably listen to Warl of the Worlds by H. G. Wells. We are looking forward to welcoming everybody who has the time and interest to join. Also, I'd like to extend our sincere thanks to our friend Mohit from India, who has been with from the very beginning and never missed a session. We're glad to know our initiative appeals to you.

Cheers, until next time!

13. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello all and sorry for the general lack of updates on this thread. A few things of interest. First of all, I believe the group delved into another episode of "night terrace" which is proving to be amusingly awesome. Secondly, our next meeting is going to be on Monday, at 11 UTC I believe but feel free to correct me if I'm wrong. Thirdly and quite excitingly for me, we are trying a slightly different kind of activity on this server. Starting most likely on the 12th of June, (time yet to be determined), I will be hosting a few jackbox games in one of our rooms. In short, the jackbox games franchise comprises bundles of games that can be played from any device, as long as a major internet browser is installed on it. A few of them are accessible and my friends and I have been having immence amounts of fun with them. As always, anyone will be welcome and I will try my best to explain the rules and guide you through the process of playing them, but do feel free to read up on them in advance. Here are a few helpful links:
Lastly, here is the link to the form to register if you do not have an account with us and wishes to join us for either the audio drama meetings or the new Jackbox Games meetings.
Thanks for reading and I hope everyone is having a nice day.

14. MagicalKrrish,

could you please sign me in also?

15. metal_phoenyx,

Thank you very much Frisbee for this post. I do confirm it, our next session in on Monday at 11 AM UTC. If time allows it, I'll be delighted to join your gaming group and experience something new. I'm sure it's going to be a nice discovery.

@MagicalKrrish: Please contact us in private with the desired Username and password and we'll create your account as soon as possible. We're more than happy to have you with us.

Warm regards.

16. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Another report. We listened to and discussed about the first episode of "Bleak Expectations" today. The next meeting is going to be on this Wednesday at 12:00 UTC, 2 PM WEST, 3 PM EEST, 5:30 India time. We hope to see everyone there. The time for the jackbox games event is yet to be determined but the date has not changed. Everyone is welcome to join either or both of those.
I hope I need not mention it again but, for those of you who have expressed a desire to be included in these activities, please inbox message me or Metal_Phoenyx, or fill out the form that can be found on my last post.
Thank you and have a nice day.

17. metal_phoenyx,

We had another great experience today. We listened to the 1938 version of The War of the Worlds, by H. G. Wells. Our special thanks go toAdventure-Time, who had the kindness to stream the show, and also provided a lot of meaningful insight, as he's been doing ceaselessly from the very first time we met. I am deeply grateful to all participants, I undoubtedly learnt a lot from both Mohit and Frisbee as well.
I am looking forward to the next session, which if everything goes as expected will take place this Friday at 8 AM UTC, i.e. 10 AM in Western Europe. As always, everyone's welcome. Warmest regards to all story lovers.

18. Nokomi,

Hey, could i join you ? I missed this friday, but for the next one, i will try to be there. Thank :)

19. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello again. First off, I am not sure whether a proper full-on meeting was held this Friday, I unfortunately was unable to attend, but I hope that if somebody did it was a good experience. Secondly, the next scheduled meeting is going to be on this Sunday, at 2 PM uTC, 4 PM WEST, 5 PM EEST. It is going to be pertaining to the Jackbox Games, a few of which I will be hosting. I am not entirely sure which, but I will be taking suggestions. Everyone is welcome to join. @Nokomi, we would be happy to have you. All we require from you is a username and password so we can create an account for you on our server. Contact one of us with said credentials or fill out the form that can be found on pryor posts.

20. metal_phoenyx,

Greetings, Yes we did meet this morning, me and Mohit actually. We continued and finished the first series of Nightfall. I also sent a collective email afterwards, I hope everyone received it. If I don't manage to make it on Sunday, I wish you all a wonderful gaming experience, and hope to see you again on Monday 11 AM for another audio drama session. Until then, enjoy the weekend! P.S. Warmest welcome Nokomi, it's a pleasure to have you with us!

21. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

Hello, holy forums this thread is getting chunky.
Today was great fun at our gaming station. We had a good turnout for the Jackbox Games launch event and, as expected, "You Don't Know Jack" was a thoroughly enjoyable start for all of us. We even got people who were on the road, which we are greatly honoured by.
@metal_phoenyx, I personally did not receive any e-mails from you or anybody else pertaining to this, however it might have been something on y end. I am debating changing this up and e-mailing members of the server a schedule for the week instead of spamming the forum with announcements about every single entry, but we can do whatever everyone prefers.
As always, we are open to any applications from people to join us. Thinking of taking the old form down, as most people completely overlook it anyway, but you can reach out to either of us and we'll get you sorted promptly. In addition to this, if you would like to host your own activity on our server, do not hesitate to contact us and tell us what you'd like to do. It is our purpose to educate, entertain and help connect people of similar interests and we'd be glad to welcome aboard anyone who wishes to help in this endeavor.
Thank you all again and have a great week.

22. metal_phoenyx,

Hi everybody,
It's wonderful to hear that the gaming session was successful. I do apologise for being absent. I had lost access to my cloud and spent the entire afternoon trying to fix this; sometimes computers are a real pain.
@Frisbee: I'm sorry, I think I know what happened. By mistake I sent the e-mail from a different address. Would you all be as kind as to check your Spam to see if it's there please? I'll try to avoid this in the future, promise.
I totally agree, we can definitely post here only when we have very important changes to announce, and stop annoying everyone ere with our reports. The thing is, I didn't expect this to be popular at all, I'm so glad I was wrong.
On the other hand, we'll definitely respond to everyone who contacts us privately, this project is certainly not stopping here.
Warmest regards,

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