1000 miles

Game rules

The 1000 miles game is a simulation of a car race where you have to race 1000 miles.
As in reality, driving a race car is not an easy thing: you must check your gas reserve, flats are usual and accidents fast happens, without ignoring speed limits and simple forbid to drive.
Thus your goal will be to terminate your 1000 miles race before your opponents do.

Cards available in the game

One can divide the cards available in the deck in four main categories.

Distance cards

Distance cards represents a certain distance to drive in the race track.
You can play them to increase your miles counter up to the victory of 1000 miles, unless you are blocked.
IF you are blocked, you must first solve the problem before continuing your route on the track. You must also be allowed to drive, that is having played a green light.

You must reach a total of exactly 1000 miles to win, you are not allowed to play a distance card which would lead you beyong that limit.
You are also allowed to put at most two 200 miles cards during your race maximum.

Attack cards

Attack cards allow you to block your opponents and prevent them from playing distance cards.
Each attack card you play is therefore against a player you decide when you play your card.
The player targetted by an attack can no more play distance cards, until he solves the problem by playing the defense card according to the attack he has received
It is not possible to attack a player already blocked.

There are 5 sorts of attacks :

Defense cards

Defense cards allow you to solve a problem raised by an attack.

In case of an accident, an out of gas or a flat, you must, additionnaly to a repairation, gas or replacement wheel, play a green light afterwards. This is because you were stopped and you must first and again be allowed to drive.


Immunity cards solve a problem and prevent it from happening again until end of round.
When you play an immunity card, you can directly play again another card.

There are four immunities :

How to play

At the beginning of a round, you are stopped. The first thing you will have to do is playing a green light to be allowed to drive.

One play one after eachother. At your turn, you must :

  1. Draw a card in the deck, so that you have 7 cards in your hand. IF there is no card anymore in the deck, you play with the cards you still have.
  2. IF you can, play a card of your choice.
  3. IF you can't play any card, choose one that you will junk. A junked card is completely out of the game until the end of the round, it can't be used again, neither from you or form another player.
  4. Unless the deck is empty, you always finish your turn having 6 cards in your hand.

Note: You can always decide to junk a card, even if you could play one.

The round finishes when somebody reach 1000 miles, or when somebody has no more cards in hand.

Dirty tricks

IF somebody throws an attack against you and if you have the corresponding immunity in your hand, then you can play it immediately without waiting for your turn.
This is possible only if the next player has not yet played or even drawn a card. Otherwise, sorry but it's too late for you.

IF that manipulation succeed, then you produced what is called a dirty trick. You win 300 bonus points and the attack is completely discarded as if nothing happened (no need for a green light). You can then play another card, and the next player after you goes in turn. IN consequence, the turn of players between your attacker and you have been skipped.


The following points are immediately counted :

Following bonuses can be applied to a victory :

Team play

One can also play 1000 miles in teams. Each player always has his own cards, but miles, attacks, defenses and immunities are common for a whole team. One obviously don't attack his own team !

Standard rules say that one can play in teams with 4 or 6 players (2 teams of 2, 2 teams of 3 or 3 teams of2).
As extension, the playroom allow 1000 miles to be played with 8 or 9 players (2 teams of 4, 4 teams of 2 or 3 teams of 3).


ATtack cumulation

In this variant, players may be victim of multiple problems simultaneously. It is in particular allowed to attack a player who is already stopped.
One can play miles only when all problems are solved.

Reshuffle discard pile when draw pile is empty

In this variant, discarded cards aren't definitely removed from the game, but become available again when the draw pile is empty.
That variant may avoid some situations where nobody win because everybody is blocked, what is especially happening when playing with more than 4 players.

Con-sense card

IN this variant, a new attack card ? con-sense ? and its corresponding defense ? end of con-sense ? are added in the game. This attack can be played at any time, including when being stopped, like a speed limitation.

When active, miles played are subtracted instead of being added to your mile count, as if you were driving across the circuit in the wront direction. You can't go back below starting point.

The steering ace is protected against con-sense.

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