1000 miles

Game rules

The game of 1000 miles simulates a car race in which you have to complete a 1000 mile track.
Just like in reality, driving a race car is not easy: you have to watch your gas tank, flat tires are not uncommon and accidents happen quickly, not to mention the speed limits and outright driving bans.
Your goal will therefore be to travel a thousand miles while preventing your opponents from doing so before you.

Cards available in the game

One can divide the cards available in the deck in four main categories.

Distance cards

Distance cards represent a certain distance to be covered on the track.
You can play them to increase your miles count, as long as you are not blocked.
If you are blocked, you must first solve the problem before you can advance on the track. You must also have permission to drive, i.e., you must have put a green light.

You must reach the exact total of 1000 miles in order to win. You cannot play a distance card that would take you over that amount.
In addition, you are only allowed to play a maximum of two 200 miles top gear cards.

Attack cards

Attack cards allow you to block your opponents and prevent them from playing distance cards.
Hence each attack card that you play is aimed at a specific player that you designate when you play it.
A player who has been attacked can no longer continue to play distance cards until he has resolved the problem with the corresponding defense card.
It is not possible to attack a player who is already blocked.

There are 5 sorts of attacks :

Defense cards

The defense cards allow to solve the problem caused by an attack card.

In the case of out of gas, flat or accident cards, it is also necessary to play green light again in order to be able to keep on driving after having played a gas card, a spare tire or a reparation card respectively, as you are stopped again after one of these events.


Immunity cards solve a problem caused by an attack card and prevent it from happening again until the end of the round.
When you play an immunity card, you can immediately play another card.

There are four immunities :

How to play

At the beginning of a round, you are stopped. The first thing you have to do before you can play distance cards is to play a green light to get permission to drive.

Players take turns to play, one after another. When it is your turn to play, you must:

  1. Draw a card from the deck, so that you have 7 cards in your hand. When the draw pile is empty, the game continues with the cards you still have.
  2. If possible, play a card of your choice.
  3. If you can't play any of your cards, choose one to junk in the discard pile. The discarded card is definitively eliminated until the end of the round. It cannot be played again, neither by you nor by any of your opponents.
  4. Unless the draw pile is empty, you always finish your turn having 6 cards in your hand.

Note: You can always decide to junk a card, even if you could have played one.

The round finishes when someone reaches 1000 miles, or when someone has no more cards in hand.

Dirty tricks

If someone launches an attack against you and you have the corresponding immunity card, you can play it immediately even if it is not your turn.
This is only possible if the next player has not yet played or even drawn a card. Otherwise, sorry but it's too late for you.

If this maneuver succeeds, you have made what is called a dirty trick. The attack is completely cancelled, as if nothing had happened (thus no need to play a green light card) and you get 300 bonus points. You can continue by playing another card, then the game continues to the player following you. Some players will therefore have passed their turn.


The following points are scored immediately:

The following bonuses may apply when winning:

Team play

1000 miles can also be played in teams. Each player always has their own cards, but miles, attacks, defenses and immunities are common to a whole team of players. Of course, you do not attack the players of your own team!

According to the standard rules, you can play with 4 or 6 players (2 teams of 2, 2 teams of 3 or 3 teams of 2).
As extension, the playroom also allows to play with 8 or 9 players (2 teams of 4, 4 teams of 2 or 3 teams of 3).


Attacks cumulation

In this variant, players can be victims of several problems simultaneously. It is thus allowed to attack a player who is already stopped.
One can only play miles when all the problems are resolved.

Reshuffle the discard pile when draw pile is empty

In this variant, the discarded cards are not definitively removed from the game, but returned to the draw pile once the latter is empty.
This makes it possible to avoid some situations where no one wins because everyone is blocked, which often happens when playing with more than 4 players.

Counterflow card

In this variant, a new “counterflow” card is added to the attack cards, as well as its corresponding “end of counterflow” defense. This attack can be played at any time, including when stopped, just like a speed limit.

When active, the miles that are played are subtracted from your miles count instead of being added, as if you were driving the track in the wrong direction. However, one cannot go back beyond the starting point.

The driving ace is immune to counter-flow.

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