Duck's race

The weather is beautiful, ducks are going outside ! Playing one of theese lovely birds, your objective is to be the first to cross the finish line!
However, don't be misstaken, it isn't going to be as simple as you think. Your way is full of traps and your concurrents won't hesitate to be nasty to you.
Who's going to be the smartest ?

The game

At their turn, players throw the die to make their duck advance on the board.
Many squares have particular effects when landed on, or simply when jumped over without necessarily stopping at (see a non-exhaustive list of possible effects further down under "cards and feathers")

The winner of the game, after having done the number of boardrounds set at the beginning of the game, is the first player to cross the finish line of the race.

Cards and feathers

Additionally to the board and the die, each player also have cards. They can be played at their turn, before throwing the die, and offer many possibilities to make you progress further, or to put your opponents in trouble.
Most cards need a certain number of feathers in order to be played, but other can give some of them in exchange for little sacrifises. Thus feathers are more or less the money of the game.

All cards aren't played in the same way:

To play a card, you just need to select it in the menu above the throw the die option. The D key allows you to know what's the effect of your cards and how to play them.
You can only play one card per turn, and you can't drop a card where there's already another one.

Cards can have many effects. Here's a non-exhaustive list of possibilities:


When a duck arrive to a square where somewhere else is already present, a duel takes place between them. If a third duck arrive to that same square, there will be a duel between the second and the third; the fourth will have a duel with the third, and so on.
Duels are played with the die or in a mini-game, for example rock-paper-scissors. The winner of the duel steals a certain number of feathers from the loser, unless there's a draw, in which case nobody steals anything.

At the moment, the following kinds of duel exists:


When a duck lose all his feathers, he's getting cold, and become so frozen for a given number of turns.
The number of turns that the freeze lasts depends on the current position on the race. If the last player is generally frozen only for a single turn, the leader may be frozen up to 4 turns if he was quite far away from the last one.


Certain squares and cards have for effect to launch a quiz question. Answering correctly to the questions allow you to get additional feathers, that will be quite useful to you. Depending on the difficulty of the question, you can win from 2 up to 6 feathers.
Don't hesitate to play Quiz Party and submit questions! The variety of the database is important to keep an interesting game.

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