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Updates and work in progress

Aminiel 53 Aminiel,

Translation errors and typos

Nikola 120 StormProductions,

rsgames has bugs is any body elts having this ishue

unolover 13 augma,

One Last Gift; A Multilingual Dictionary for Uno

Mortem 12 Mrityunjay,

Hearts Tournament at the End of August With a $10 USD Prize

RedHotCharliePepper 5 DarkAlireza,

play room gender

fire-dragon 6 delmar-barry,

apparent Cribege game player list bug

magnumHurricane 1 Mrityunjay,

bug in invite to table

ibraheemmohsen 2 Nikola,

Suggestions For Duck Racing

RedHotCharliePepper 0 RedHotCharliePepper,

Can we put codeblocks in the forum?

sukil 9 sukil,

disable sound effects checkbox has disappeared...

magnumHurricane 2 magnumHurricane,

Want to create a sound pack for PlayRoom

Aiden 4 augma,

we can block our selves

amirmahdifard 22 imprisonedindarkness,

Question Related to Playroom Password

imprisonedindarkness 3 imprisonedindarkness,

Bug with Go game

Emrah20 1 ibraheemmohsen,

New Player

Isaac5457 3 Dracula-Vampira,

Possible Uno Bugs

imprisonedindarkness 0 imprisonedindarkness,

Suggestion: that the permanent messages are not closed

Markk 13 sanagui-dj,

Bots are a bit too slow on shut the boxes

lussy 1 unolover,

Accessible Python IDE

Mr.Superman 9 alfred,

Add support for ZDSR API, the API for the new PC ScreenReader made in China

Aiden 11 Aiden,

a bug which happens randomly

VIPPotato 0 VIPPotato,

suggestion a grouping chat.

sanagui-dj 8 Michael_James04,

Quiz Party Statistics

Isaac5457 1 YNWA,

European Theme Park assistance

helleon 9 helleon,

Important update today

Aminiel 129 YNWA,

about social networks. What social network you use/would use?

chanquete 13 Mohammedradwan2003,

Suggestion with the pages in the topics

Thalia-Grace 6 lussy,

Bug with big victory limits when saving a farcle table

lussy 0 lussy,

Friends Functionality On The Playroom

Isaac5457 1 Nikola,

Suggestions for chess and backgammon

omeed 3 Naman,

Optimization problems in play room mobile web app

breaker 5 breaker,

Introduce yourself and meet new friends

Soundarya 157 Amsel,

Scopa Suggestions

Isaac5457 0 Isaac5457,

Downloading additional engines bug

Emrah20 0 Emrah20,

A strange bug with statistics

Nikola 0 Nikola,


Naday 3 AlexaTheKittyCat,

What is your real name and how to pronounce it?

crazy_dreamer 21 Chopin,

problem playing one particular stream

omeed 5 StormProductions,

general playroom problem

meow 8 imprisonedindarkness,

Important: Uno International League is now on!

Stenaldo 35 ibraheemmohsen,

Chain Reaction: A strategy game for 2 to 8 players.

Naman 4 majoz,

Stockfish/Gnugo need to be downloaded every time

Nikola 0 Nikola,

Harry Potter/Percy Jackson game

AutumnWoods 1 SheWolf,

navigating the forum

AutumnWoods 1 Snake_Eyes,

Disable announcements of activity in other tables

Rich_Beardsley 4 Rich_Beardsley,

99 suggestion

Vojvoda 6 AutumnWoods,

A bug that makes me kill anyone.

ibraheemmohsen 4 mohammadabdulwahab,

bug or cheating in 1000 miles

mohammadabdulwahab 2 mohammadabdulwahab,

suggestion for streaming files at tables

AlexaTheKittyCat 3 queenstar,

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