How to organize a tournament

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1. Marina,

Hi everyone,

This topic was originally posted by Flanelle on behalf of the French helpers team here, and it was pointed out and quickly translated by Aminiel here (post 6). So we wanted the English forum to benefit from it too. Note that we have removed the points that do not apply to the English Playroom.
Here is a small topic for the optimal organization of a tournament.

  1. choose the game and its options.
  2. Always check how long a game takes according to the chosen options (with bots for instance), and add a bit of extra time because setting up the tournament, specifying the chosen options, creating tables, managing possible last minute replacements and connection issues, for example, can take quite some time.
  3. According to point 2, choose a number of days so that it does not take too long.
  4. Choose the date and time.
  5. Choose the starting number of players, knowing that you have to eliminate players along the way.
  6. Determine the number of players at each table, how many players will be eliminated at the end of each round, etc.
  7. After taking notes of all the previously defined points, invite the players to take part by a forum post in the tournament’s forums. The post must contain at least all the above-mentioned points otherwise your topic will be closed.

We suggest you not to organize your tournament alone, as it is very difficult to manage everything in the heat of action. Also, you can start with a small tournament of sixteen players to better handle the unpredicted.
With all this, you have all the necessary baggage to organize a tournament that will be a great success!

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