Black Jack has arrived !

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1. Aminiel,

Here is a game which, it seems, was quite demanded and expected, in the french community as well as in the english one.

So here is the Black Jack, probably one of the most popular and ammong the simplest card games. No sophisticated game mechanic nor difficult decision to take this time: you just have to stop on time to not go over the fatal 21 as well as losing all your chips. IF you don't know what black jack is about, the rules are available.

Have fun !

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jul 10 2013 08:02:49

2. Ellinder,

I think Your blackjack version still has a glitch or two to work out because according to the keystrokes of the game, if I create a table for it, I should be able to set game options if I'm the game master but I am unable to do it. Don't know why this is so, but hope it will be resolved. Other than that, it's fun to play.

3. Aminiel,

There is currently no game options in black jack, and there will probably never be because the rules are allmost standard.

4. Ellinder,

Okay, I understand your reasoning. I've discovered the only way you can get more chips is to win them. I'm getting the hand of it but wish the dealer would bust more often than it occurs. It's especially irritating if I have 12 points, then I know the dealer will give me a face card or a ten. I hope this is random and not a bug.

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