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1. basket,

Hello Everyone,
As promised, you can formally send your request to assist us with bringing quiz party to the English side. Feel free to send us an inbox filling the recipient field with “basket,marina7” letting us know which team you wish to be a part of. Just a quick reminder that correctors will be responsible for the questions being correctly spelled, and is grammatically correct. Preferably, we would like this position to be filled by native English speakers, but this is by no means mandatory.
Validators are going to be responsible to fact check questions to insure they are correct, and the answers provided to said questions are in fact the correct answers. For this position, researching proficiency is ideal as this is what the position will require.
Let us know which position you are interested in and we will consider suitability. Be sure to explain why you are best suited for the team you are requesting.
Finally, I would like to take this time to explain that "quizzing" experiences are not at all required as we have no way to verify this.
As for team leaders, I will be leading the correcting team and Marina the validators.
Ps: We won’t be accepting nor considering any message sent individually, so you have to follow the format given above “basket,marina7” to make sure that both of us receive your message.
The helper Team.

2. Mmarina,

hello everyone,
Already a week has passed since we asked for people to formally send there request to be a part of the quiz party team; therefore, I would like to let you know that despite all the demands we've got on the forom to bring quiz party to the english side, we didn't get enough applications, nor people willing to work on it.
So it's not a delay of choosing from our side, but it seems that people want the work to be done without participating. which is, I am sorry to point out, impossible.
This post was just to keep you updated.
Thanks, the helper team.

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