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31. Mazdak ,

I also have this issue with Firefox too, though I'm using NVDA, I feel being lazy for testing that with Jaws, cause I don't wanna install it on my system, Nikola, if you've tested with Jaws, please let me know your result. Thank you.

32. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

My bad, pressing enter works, just my speech was not on.

33. Nikola,

One bug I can definitely confirm is pressing f10 from a game gives the options menu with totally wrong labels.

34. cherry-blossom,

It is very difficult to manage with a Mac though the old version used to be easier to browse through

35. Nikola,

About not being able to log back in after logging out, it happens because of this: Notice: Undefined index: referer in /home/web/qcsalon.net/www/login.php on line 25

36. Ferrumite,

Well, in chrome it works fine, accept that for some strange reason sounds aren't playing at all. And I cant use pg up and pg down to move froo history, tried alt+1 and it said nothing. I am using nvda here.
edit: sorry sounds are playing ok just IDM was intersepting and started to download those.

Latest edition by Ferrumite, Nov 17 2017 12:08:37

37. Nikola,

Yes, IDM is super annoying with that. For me luckily it doesn't happen in chrome, only in firefox. About page up and down, there are 2 things for chrome: Don't use ctrl when navigating, use shift instead. If it still fails, try clearing the cache. Also, keep in mind that chrome wont repeat last item, so pressing page down while already at the end wont say anything.

38. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

If it's counted as a bug, even if I log out I still listen the, for example, winning sound...

39. Nikola,

The thing is that at least for now for some reason, even when you log out the list is still displayed and the client doesn't properly close.

40. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

And that makes two bugs.

41. Naday,

Two friends already told me that there is no way you can get out of friends list, one of them uses IOs and the other one android. The one with android said that it's difficult to get into the friends list, the one with IOs just said that she can't exit the menu.

42. Nikola,

With iOS, you should theoretically be able to do the 2 finger gesture to go back. With android, i was able to get into the friends list. When navigating by headings, you will have the actions heading and in there you will always have the friends list, unless you are in a game in which case you must first activate the button called table menu.

43. cherry-blossom,

I've tried going back with the gesture and also pressing the cancel Botton at the bottom of the friend list on IOS but so far nothing's worked so I can't get out of the friends list either

44. Aminiel,

Nicolas, as far as I have tested, the gesture to go back is quite unreliable. In theory it should work, but practically sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't and I don't really know why. In the old web client it was already so.

45. Nikola,

Hi Aminiel, what about shaking the device to roll the dice, say uno and so on? It was one of my favorite features, but noticed that the web options list is no longer available.

46. Aminiel,

I have put back the button view for Safari. Is it better for mac users now ?

47. Naday,

I think now it's impossible to enter from the web client...

48. StormProductions,

Yeah. A friend of mine wanted to play with the client and he was unable to.

49. Nikola,

I can enter just fine now.

50. Naday,

Me and a friend can't. Strange that you do, I don't know what the reason is then or if it is blocked for some users or what...

51. Mazdak ,

I can enter either, but I still have not reading the game notifications issue.

52. Nikola,

Dayan, which browser and what happens when you enter> Failboy, i've posted a topihc about it, so you might want to try the workaround i said there.

53. Naday,

I tried with mozilla and my friend with safari.

54. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Seems to work with chrome.

55. Nikola,

Interesting. I've just connected using firefox 57 on Windows. Try clearing the cache to connect.

56. Mazdak ,

How did you guies are using Firefox 57? I heard it is not accessible for screen readers.

57. YNWA,

I have read that they suggest Mozilla Firefox ESR until they are sorted out.

58. Nikola,

With jaws indeed it's not, but NVDA works with it although a bit slower. I don't use firefox though, it's mainly here to be able to test different combinations with playroom.

59. YNWA,

The ESR version works fine for jaws for the next 12 months at least. They hope to have something by then.

60. Rudolph-The-Reindeer ,

Then maybe the problem is my firefox version because I couldn't use it either, with chrome I don't like much here, sometimes does not read whole the line for me with page up and down.

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