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Translation errors and typos

Nikola 115 Nikola,

Hapi berf dei

Feer 0 Feer,

Advertizing with Quentincy's GameRoom

TheTechPianoPlayerKid 4 ilyas,

please increase the friends list limit

ilyas 0 ilyas,

Play room turns into an app for the phone

aidenn 5 TheTechPianoPlayerKid,

A suggestion for the Uno

Harry_Potter 1 unolover,

A Duck racing suggestion, sound for dropped cards

Nikola 6 jonnyboy1991,

Registering a new account

Budster 1 fakeNews,

quiz party help

SheWolf 7 YNWA,

quiz party

Aurorapolariss 0 Aurorapolariss,

suggestion for uno bots

Rory101 3 jackson95,

New features in Playroom 3.0

supanut2000 56 Rory101,

Invite a bot

pikseldash 6 Mohammedddd,

A question about the views on the web client

Nikola 0 Nikola,

about leaving permanent message discussions

Nikola 2 Nikola,

Ability to change username

MelodyMew 2 MelodyMew,

Duck Racing Suggestions

MajesticMasterOfMayhem 1 Nikola,

Suggestion to add time checker

halfteeno 11 aidenn,

Connect 4 move history

Parikshit 3 Parikshit,

Suggestion about the next update

aidenn 7 aidenn,

saving the table in the duck race.

facelessghost 1 ashishchhetri,

A question about new Monopoly boards

Nikola 4 Nikola,

Teams in Ducks race

pikseldash 2 YNWA,

Loving the New Forum Timestamp Syntax

The_Frisbee_of_Peace 3 Aminiel,

Suggesting a new game: snakes and ladders!

diabolical-penguin 5 Nikola,

suggestion, favorite users.

Rayoh 5 Nikola,

Suggestion of game Mensch ärgere Dich nicht

Emrah20 10 YNWA,

suggestion for QUIZ PARTY.

Rayoh 3 YNWA,

suggestion:option to choose our favourit bots

Thaqib 1 Thaqib,

Suggestion for a feature called night mode

JoshYork 3 jonnyboy1991,

Weird game in the vep version of the game client.

facelessghost 5 YNWA,

Suggestion of Jungle game

Emrah20 1 Emrah20,

Suggestion to enable sending files

halfteeno 10 piathekiller,



Game suggestion: Dou Shou Qi / jungle / animal chess (rules included)

Corona 2 facelessghost,

Suggestion: a new option in duck racing

Lieta 8 Lieta,

PLZ Fix the Reversi bots

DarkAlireza 0 DarkAlireza,

adding a feature to trun off reporting who entered and who left the playroom

usmanaga 2 usmanaga,

Sugestion. Adding team chat.

bogdanionut 4 Nikola,

Banning for updating to beta version out of date

Emrah20 9 Mmarina,

Suggestion: Displaying sudden disconnections under the discussions channel

James_Ketchup 2 Nikola,

suggestion: more characters allowed in playroom's status.

Rayoh 21 Dayan,

Creating a tutorial video for the playroom

halfteeno 8 Aminiel,

Suggestion, adding another command to open the tables.

gfriha 6 lussy,

99 games

Danny_Sani 2 phoenix009,

suggested newgame

shane123 2 sodanisavit01,

does someone know something about fifa 21 accessibility for the blind people, i heard for option named naration but i can't find something more about it

aki_kralj 2 aki_kralj,

Audio Proposal Process

Sylphrena 1 Nikola,

0 by default in cribbage

tiny 3 YNWA,


FromUnknownReality 20 cornflakes,

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