add voice chats to the playroom

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1. amirmahdifard,

so did you see how the teamtalk voice system works, since this game is a card game and mostely a good place for people, to make free tables and chat with each other, you can add a voice chat system for people so they will open they voice chat and talk to each other with it: it could be so simply: you only need to define only 1 button for it in all the tables: when we holde down that button, It will work as poosh to talk, and if you just press it 1 time it will open your microphone forever, and if you press the button again, it will close your microphone. and the other thing you need to add, add an option in settings so we can select our input devices, so we can select wich microphone we are talking with. thank you, and I hope that it will be useful.

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2. Peggy_Bella420,

I quite agree. I've always wanted to have a voicechat system on here.

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3. Destranis,

It's been told a lot of times that integrating voice chat in here isn't as easy as you think. Look at RS games. Poor quality, huge lag... Do you really want that here? If you want to voice chat while playing, go to discord, teamtalk, messenger, facetime, anything you wish.

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4. Mortem,

I'm sure Aminiel is talented enough to do it, and to be honest it's something I'd like as well. However, it will greatly add to the bandwidth requirements for the server. I have no idea what kind of hosting arrangement they have and how much bandwidth they get, but good quality voice chat would likely result in many times higher required throughput.
Edit: The reason the rsgames voice chat sucks is because they probably set it to ultra low quality so that it doesn't eat up their bandwidth. Also they use the Teamspeak SDK, which nobody really does anymore. There are better free and open source solutions for voice chat using the opus codec primarily (I have no idea if TS uses opus). 64 kilobits per second mono opus would be good enough for voice chat, even 48 probably.

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5. amirmahdifard,

guys, don't example RS games: that game is stupid programming: i'm sure this playroom will not get lag at least with having a voice chat feecher, because of grate programming like C++ or java: trust me.

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6. YNWA,

There is a lot of issues with having voice chat in the PR. Integrating teamtalk into the PR is not as easy as you think and remember teamtalk has a lot of updates. I know TAFN had issues in the past hence using teamtalk now as do some other blind chat sites where people talk, play music etc.

If there is a problem in the PR reports can be sent to helpers and issues can be resolved but if the problem happens during a conversation, how will these issues be resolved?

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7. Mortem,

I'd archive all conversations at a lower bitrate than you actually transmit them on the server. Of course, then that also adds diskspace requirements in addition to bandwidth. And who said anything about integrating teamtalk? That's actually a bad idea for a few reasons as opposed to something like Web RTC or something.

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8. Sulltan,

I'm one of those who like voice chat in this game, it will be really nice, but I wish the developers of this game can ad voice chat

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9. Kannadiga,

yes adding voice chat in play room is bertter

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10. GeorgeWu,

I think the same too.

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11. Chopin,

I agree

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12. Pj64,

I am all for a voice chat in the playroom!

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13. M_A_G_A,

I hate the voice chat system on RSGames because it slows down the entire platform, and the developers over there have not been able to find a solution to the lag. Because there are so many different ways to chat by voice such as through TeamTalk, and through the desktop and mobile Messenger apps, and because the likelihood that the lag as a result of the voice chat feature would cause speed games such as super interception Uno not to function correctly, I am one of the ones who is opposed to voice chat being added to QuentinC's Playroom.

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14. water_man,

i have to agree with SteveColmanAndFiveElements here. If it slows down the entire platform, then voice chat is not a good idea in this case

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15. mystified_meutwo,

what's the point of adding voice chats on the playroom anyway? I like the playroom as it is. as listed above, if you wana talk to your pr friends, you can simply talk to them on skype, team talk, etc.

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16. TheDreamer,

Yeah there are lots of other platforms to voice chat on.

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17. Aminiel,


I have already given several times a couple reasons why we don't want to implement voice chat on the playroom, at least not at short or middle term. It hasn't changed from last time.

Concerning push-to-talk, I'm not convinced that it would be really useful:

So, maybe, why not, one day, for permanent vocal messages, but really, at a table, I'm not convinced at all.

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18. amirmahdifard,

hello aminule, I hope that you are doing whel: I also wasn't so much thinking about it, I just had this idea in my brain, and posted it: but feel free to skip this idea, and work on other things instead that are even more nicer, and can improve the game much more bettar, and much more needed in the game: your job is greate, I hope you enjoy the life!

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19. Mortem,

Yeah, when I wrote my posts I figured that the response would stay the same this time as it has been. I don't necessarily agree with you, but I understand your reasoning at least.

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20. Lenka,

yes, voice chat please. on survive the wild was good voice chat, but pitty I dont know how it was programmed.

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21. dave,

I would really like to have voice chat in the play room also. it is a good way to meet new people . I find it much more fun to talk to the people I am playing.

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22. GeorgeWu,

I agree.

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23. Sanjay,

yes if not possible in all table so keep only in free table it will be grate

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24. sound2,

This topic, has been gone over a few times. The developer said it's not possible because of server space or something, can't quite remember the details. But I think there are other forum topics that address the same issue.

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25. mystified_meutwo,

well I think pr should not have voice chat. there are a couple of reasons mentioned above in this topics. and as I mentioned above, you can have a voice chat with your friends on other platforms such as teamtalk, skype, google meet, WhatsApp, etc.

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26. GeorgeWu,

Maybe one day he can add it to playroom.

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