Some Duck racing challenge ideas

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1. Nikola,

I really like the direction of the Duck racing game, and how enriched it is now with all these new duels.
It is quite crazy to think that just 2 years ago, the game was released, and had only 2 kinds of duels, compared to almost 30 today.
With that in mind, I was thinking of suggesting some more challenges, perhaps you will find them interesting:

  1. Spelling duel. In this duel, you get a word from the dictionary. Your job is to spell it correctly. The player who does it first wins. I would also, just like for the number typing duel, make it ask you to spell a word backwards sometimes as well, though perhaps for this backwards challenge limit the length to slightly shorter words, but that's just a subjective opinion...
  2. Stereo duel. I don't know if it is technically doable, but the way I imagined this one, is that you get a sound. This sound loops and is going from left to right, at a random speed. Your job is to press space when it is in the center. The player who was closer to the exact center wins. Kind of like Crazy darts, if you played this audio game classic...
  3. High or low. This can perhaps be a square on the casino board as well.
  4. The duel would start with every player receiving a random card from the deck. Now, it is turn based, and when it is your turn, you are supposed to choose if you think the next card you draw will be higher or lower. If you guess it right, you win, and can either continue guessing, this time if the next card will be higher or lower than the one you just drew, or stop and decide to keep your score, let's say every guess would give you a point. The player with the highest score wins, of course.
  5. Count a Cribbage hand. Perhaps not so interesting if you don't like Cribbage, but I was imagining a duel where we all receive a Cribbage hand, and the first one to count it correctly wins.
  6. Similar to the stereo duel, we could have one that is pitch based as well. In this case, you will first hear a sound at one pitch. Now, this same sound will play at the lowest possible pitch, and will gradually keep rising up. When you think it's at the same pitch you heard at the start of the duel, you press space.

Now, something not related to duel ideas. I think that many people will agree with this, but personally the duels are the most interesting part of the game for me, and with this constant evolution and new ideas you brought up, it quickly became one of my favourite games on the Playroom.
I understand that it can perhaps be complete nonsense to make a game only based around Duck racing duels, but maybe we can have a not so serious Duck racing board, where every square is a super challenge square, but of a different challenge. For example, square 1 dice challenge, 2 rock paper scissors, 3 speed duel, and so on...

A last thought for now, but the jingle memory challenge has some strange instructions. It says that you can press ctrl+numbers from 1 to 0 for buttons 11 to 20, but I have never encountered the duel with 20 buttons in all Duck racing games I have played. Is this just not available? If that's indeed the case, I think it should be, at least when more players participate. As it is right now, with just 10 buttons, and let's say more than 4 players playing the duel, you are lucky if you win more than 2 points, as you will probably play only 2 turns at most with good players.

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2. YNWA,

In 1992 a friend of mine made it possible to play Chess against the computer by typing in the co-ordinates and reading the moves of the computer. He also created a few games, Hangman, Anagrams and Simon. It is interesting that anagrams and simon are now part of the Duck racing game. I used a friend's dictionary to type in many of the words for Hangman and Anagrams. Apparently those games were played by people who had electronic braille machines after. I don't know when the first computer games were created for blind people but those games he created would be close. One of the computer languages he used was C++ which if my memory is correct then Aminiel uses that too. Sadly he died in 2005 so I could not tell him about the PR.

I am not sure Nikola how spelling would work for the challenges because we have anagrams where the letters are already mixed up.

In the UK and may be other countries there was a game show called Play your cards right. there contestants were given a card and they had to say higher or lower and that could work well. I agree that you could be given a cribbage hand and work out the points.

Each challenge is played just the once. If every challenge becomes a game within a game then Duck racing could go on for a very long time. If someone is very successful at a challenge then the other oponents could wait for a while before that challenge is completed.

You have Quiz party and also use the same questions for Duck racing. If you use the challenges for Duck racing then why not have a new game for just the challenges or something different that makes more out of those challenges.

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3. Rincewind,

Agree with most of the suggestions made. Also, while not strictly relevant to the original post itself, would it be possible to have a checkbox to uncheck all the challenges, for then the person only has to select the challenges they want? It could be handy for some.

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4. Nikola,

@Mayank not documented anywhere, but when choosing challenges, press shift+I.
It is not exactly an uncheck all shortcut, but rather an invert shortcut, so everything that is checked will be unchecked and vice versa. Since by default everything is checked, shift+I will just uncheck it all.

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