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1. codbro,

Here are the rules: Overview:
Pandemic is a cooperative board game where players work together to stop the spread of deadly diseases around the world. Players must work together to treat infections, discover cures, and prevent outbreaks, all while managing limited resources and racing against the clock.
Place the game board in the middle of the table and place the outbreak marker, infection rate marker, and disease cubes nearby.
Shuffle the player cards and deal each player a role card and a number of player cards (depending on the number of players).
Shuffle the infection cards and place them face down on the infection deck space on the game board.
Draw the top 3 cards from the infection deck and place 3 disease cubes on each city shown on the cards.
Draw the top player card from the player deck and place 3 disease cubes on the city shown on the card.
Players take turns in clockwise order, starting with the player who has the highest population city on their player card.
1. On their turn, a player can perform up to 4 actions, which can include:

Move to an adjacent city

Treat a disease cube in their current city

Share knowledge with another player in the same city

Build a research station in their current city

Discover a cure for a disease (requires 5 cards of the same color)

Fly to a city using a player card or a research station

Shuttle between research stations
After the player has taken their actions, they draw 2 cards from the player deck.
The player must then draw a number of infection cards from the infection deck based on the current infection rate (starting at 2 cards per turn and increasing over time).
The player reveals each infection card and places 1 disease cube on the city shown on the card.
If a city has 4 or more disease cubes, an outbreak occurs. The player places a disease cube in each adjacent city, potentially causing additional outbreaks.
If the outbreak marker reaches the end of the track, the game is lost.
If players discover cures for all 4 diseases, they win the game.
Important Rules:

Players cannot directly give cards to each other, but they can share knowledge in the same city.

Players can only hold a maximum of 7 cards in their hand.

Players can only build a research station in a city if they have the corresponding player card.

Players can only discover a cure if they have 5 cards of the same color.

Players cannot treat a cured disease cube, but can remove it if they choose to.

Players cannot move through a city with a disease cube unless they discard a matching card. With some changes and some variations, this would be great for the playroom, because we don't have many communication games.

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2. ron_weasley,

wow, that is an actual topic and it would be super cool to add that to games

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3. codbro,

yeah it would be great if something like that was added

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4. chan,

o wow! seems like an interesting game.

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