Mine or treasure duel improvements

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1. Isaac5457,

Hello, I have the following suggestion to improve the mine or treasure duel, which is often manipulated. When the duel starts, 1 or more mines shall be placed on the route to the treasure. A sensitivity value should also be added for each mine, which is randomly generated as a percentage and reported to the user when the duel starts. If a user lands precisely on the meter which contains a mine, the mine will always trigger. Players will not be informed where the mines are located. If a player manages to dig past the mine, the trigger behavior shall be governed by the mine sensitivity value. If the mine triggers, this is considered an indirect trigger.
Players should be informed if the mine was triggered directly or indirectly. If the mine is not triggered, players should be informed that the mine was successfully deactivated, along with a sound.
The following feather stealing behavior is proposed for a 2 player game:
Indirect trigger: Opponent(s) steal 4 feathers.
Direct trigger: Opponents steal 8 feathers
A successful capture of the treasure: Steal 10 feathers
Any amendments are welcome.
Thank you for your consideration.

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