lets have a games trading

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1. sultanalmalky,

hia all, I'm thinking about why not to learn about the PlayRoom games from eatch other, because I can't no a lot of information from the web page, what do you think?
I mean, you teach me this game, and I'll do the same

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2. Negar,

I'd like to learn belote by someone

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3. Nikola,

I know pretty much all games except French Tarot, so if anybody has any specific questions, feel free to message me and ask.

Of course, I would first prefer that you go over the rules page. Even if you have read the rules for a game several years ago and just didn't understand a thing, I suggest going over them again, because thanks to the wonderful work of the English staff, many pages have been re-translated and are much more clear than they were when I first registered here, for example.
In fact, French Tarot (the game I can't play), had really confusing and inconsistent rules, but even going over that recently I realized that it's much more comprehensible now.

Once you do that, if something is unclear or you don't understand something, as I said, I am definitely willing to answer specific questions or provide pointers. i.e. We could play a game where I tell you if I would have done something differently or I think that wasn't the best move.
That being said, there are multiple strategies, or as they say, more than one way to skinn a cat, and mine isn't necessarily the best one in all games, especially the ones I don't often play or enjoy.

Either way, nice topic and I certainly hope people pick up even more games and play a few that aren't played so often.

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4. unolover,

can u teach me rummy

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5. Quintin-Dziadkiewicz,

How do I play farkle

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6. YNWA,

I did teach others how to play many of the PR games and some did go on to teach others. Passing on your experience can help make some of the lesser known games become more popular.

With Tarot I advise people to learn to play Spades first. Knowing when to bet or not the bet is tricky when you start off but I always say if you are unsure then pass.

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7. Negar,

also, can someone please explane a little, that how is going on in this crib? Starting card is 5 of spades.
WaterWave's hand is 5 of hearts, king of hearts, king of spades and king of diamonds.
This hand was worth 20 points, not 18!
6 fifteens for 12 and 1 three of a kind for 6 makes 20 points

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8. Caoimhe,

Two 5s are worth 2 points. Three kings are worth 6 points. Each king with each 5 is worth 2 points, giving you a total of 12 points. Alternatively, you can count those as each king with two 5s, which is worth 4 points.
so 2 + 6 + 4 + 4 + 4 =20
Hope that makes sense to you.

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9. Negar,

yes, Just noticed thank you

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10. ashishchhetri,

I am always ready to teach. If he-she wants to learn I am ready to teach them.

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11. sultanalmalky,

thanks everyone for your great comments
I wanted to learn the poker and Mexican train, who can teach me that please?
plus how and when, i'm free most of the time
thank you all

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12. jackson95,

how do you recommend going about learning cribidge? When I look at it on the web, I struggle to remember all of the rules for the second fase.

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13. sultanalmalky,

@jackson95 me tooooo, actually in most of the games my brain lags when I look at the rules

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14. Negar,

For me This is about all games haha, whenever I read the rules of any games here I am completely confused. Until I play it myself. Just knowing the basic goal is enough sometimes.

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