From the Absurd to the Rediculous in quiz party.

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1. Caoimhe,


I haven't played quiz party much before, and when people complained about weird questions, I thought that some of them might be exaggerating. For example, questions like "Who said this quote in some movie?" might be okay, since those films might be famous, and I just don't know about them because I don't watch movies that much. Even questions like "Which establishment did Nicola Freeman take over in 1985?" might be fine, even though I have no idea who that person is. Maybe I'm just not knowledgeable about history or whatever that topic touches. But today, I saw the best question ever: "What color is the sofa on the BBC Television Breakfast Show?" This is just rediculous, considering the fact that the majority of this community is blind. So, I wonder if there are any rules or criteria that determine whether a question should be included on the question list or not? Or is it just a matter of putting questions that sound nice and tough?

I have nothing against the game or the moderators who supervise it. I feel like this problem has been mentioned before, and I just want to know if there's something we can do about it to make the game more enjoyable.

Thank you.

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2. YNWA,

There is a flagging system for Quiz party and that is what you are expected to do should you have any issues with Quiz party questions. If there are any issues with the questions when playing Duck racing then you should send them to my in-box YNWA. With more than 19,400 questions there will be an issue with the odd one.

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3. Caoimhe,

I didn't know about the flagging system. Thank you.

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4. Vojvoda,

Although I think that there are silly questions, way too silly questions in quiz party I personally don't think this has nothing to do with blindness.
The show is widely known and the red sofa expression is rather commun in speech, for example the host would say, our next guest on the red sofa is...
Good example would be the Yellow Taxi, or red carpet.
Just my personal opinion.

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5. YNWA,

Your original topic is disrespectful and insulting to validators and the person who sent in the question in good faith. You also refer to comments that was made by someone in a topic more than 6 months ago, so where do we draw the line on something that is history or do we wait until we find a question that fits our argument?

Television is something that is visual so if we took your colour argument to its limits, does it mean we couldn't ask a question such as In which year was colour television first introduced?

Everybody is entitled to their opinion on what is good and bad and this applies to Quiz party questions, books, films, food etc but there are better ways to do it.

The flagging system does work and allows us to correct errors, or if something is out of date. It is interesting to note though that some messages we get telling us something is wrong have proven to be false flags!

One of the reasons I ask people to send in questions from either their private collection or find quiz questions on the internet is to try and avoid having more of the left field questions as you tend to get when writing from their own knowledge/interests. It also widens the range of questions that are asked. To many have sent in questions just asked who won X in which year? or when was X released...? This happened from day 1. How many have read a book and asked who wrote X? How many like a song and asked who sang X?

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6. Naday,

Calm down. She only thanked you.

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7. Sajad-Aliraqi,

I don't know why the word of truth is always hated. She didn't know about flagging system, and plus she gave her opinion and what people go through and it's freedom I suppose. In fact YNWA, your last comment only makes you sound too authorative, after all you're a quiz party validator and we do thank you for that, but you're not a step higher. Not an admin for example so you're just one of us in terms of playing on this client. I should probably stop until here before you consider my comment abusive, insultive and offensive. Too much expressions for nothing.

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8. YNWA,

I do believe it is in the rules that if you are responding to a topic you are supposed to post in that topic? It does also state you are supposed to add something new. I do believe it is also against the rules to sensationalise the headline to grab more interest. I do also believe that what you say in your topic is supposed to be true!

If the headline read not a very good question then that is an opinion. A headline that says from the absurd to the ridiculous should have been changed by the helpers as it is headline grabbing and untrue. If the headline read not a very good question would you be less likely to read it?

The part I missed was criteria for Quiz party questions.

There is already criteria and some was set out even before we started.

We require a multiple choice quiz question with 4 realistic answers that is not a repeat of a previous question.

Think of Quiz party as a magazine. You Have History Sport Music etc and within those categories you have other categories. History: World War I, II etc. Sport: Football, Cricket etc. Music: You have Classical Music, Pop Music etc. Within Pop music you have different styles, Heavy metal, R&B etc. Within that you have age ranges and everything has to be balanced out.

It takes time for people to find out information as it does for a validator to check it and put it right.

Lets say you have a question on who was the first US President of the 20th century? You have the correct answer but no others so what do you do?

A) Do you google and find out who was US President during the 1890s/1900s and take up a lot of time ensuring you are spelling the names correctly?

B) Do you just type in names of US Presidents you know?

Unfortunately many choose option B as it is quicker.

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9. Mortem,

Please indicate an English topic in which these rules are posted. I have never seen them. The general rules link on the website leads to an English topic by Aminiel which literally does not say a single thing you have said here.

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10. YNWA,

they have been posted before, one by Aminiel when someone had a topic with "Urgent" some time ago and mmarina7 said in a post somewhere that you should post things that are true...

I don't have the time to go through everything but you can if you want to.

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11. Mortem,

Funny that you, the one with such concern about semantics and sensationalism, would post something so sensationalized. You didn’t read these things in the rules, you read them in some arbitrary posts. To address your post, no I’m not doing your work for you, sorry. It’s not my problem to prove something is or is not against the rules. If you’re annoyed about this topic, you do it. But I think saying something is in the rules when it actually isn’t in any rules at all should be a worse offence than whatever problems you have with this topic. To be clear though, if Aminiel or Mmarina did post and cite some arbitrary rules that aren’t official in any way, I would say that is stupid as well.
I will say again: please link to an English topic where these rules have been officially defined before you make statements regarding them. If they have not been officially defined, your statements are misleading.

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12. YNWA,

It is not a big deal to ask for a topic to be made more friendly.

Quiz Party is much better than I ever expected it to be since itt was launched in 2017. What is required is to have 4 or 5 people that are really good at sending in questions. Sadly the English section doesn't have that and I include native writers. I have typed for many years and later it was done on computer and If I made errors I was pulled up for everything. I was only allowed a maximum of 6 errors per article and that was the days before the internet. You do learn quickly how to spot errors and that has helpped with validating Quiz party. It is like markin a persons school work. You go down the questions and say that's wrong and that needs that etc. People were more stricter then than what they are now. I don't think teachers would shout at people now or tap them on the head and tell them to wake up if they got something wrong.

With over 19,400 questions someone can find a small amount of questions to complain about. Somethings are a matter of opinion as is the case here. If the criteria is tightened up further then it will be much harder for people to have their questions accepted. Be careful for what you wish for... as there are unintended consequences.

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13. Quintin-D,

Relax, the original poster already said sorry and said that they didn't know. It's over, go play outside or something.

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14. YNWA,

There were other issues discussed and now more to come.

there should be a quiz party topic instead of explaining the same thing over and over again. It will make it easier for people to find out more instead of making the same mistakes.

There needs to be a spell check/ grammar facility to help people when sending in questions for Quiz party.

A couple of days ago someone sent in a Portuguese question, there is no facility to send the question to the Portuguese side.

Duck racing requires the same flagging system Quiz party has.

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15. Nikola,

there should be a quiz party topic instead of explaining the same thing over and over again. It will make it easier for people to find out more instead of making the same mistakes.

What exactly are we explaining over and over again? Someone didn't know that there was a way to signal questions, it was explained, they thanked you for it, that's all I can see. From time to time people will ask questions about the game, just like any other. I also must say that I don't really understand what do you mean by there should be a Quiz party topic.

There needs to be a spell check/ grammar facility to help people when sending in questions for Quiz party.

Yes, I think that facility is called question validators. If you feel that a question is good, but one item is misspelled, correct it and that's it. If you feel the question is of a completely insufficient quality, simply don't accept it, and I really don't see what the issue is.
I don't understand how can there be an automated way, especially when many questions relate to proper nouns and a spellchecker can't know how a given president is spelled or what the context of a given name is.

A couple of days ago someone sent in a Portuguese question, there is no facility to send the question to the Portuguese side.

Of course there is, the Portuguese server accepts Quiz party questions. Someone made a genuine mistake most likely and I am sure they feel wonderful about their mistake now being on the forum. It happens, if you have the ability to do so forward the question to the Portuguese side, if not just move on. It could also simply just have been a bug, but that's not up to me to judge.

Duck racing requires the same flagging system Quiz party has.

I fully agree with that one, ctrl+G should work in Duck racing too.

Overall, I think that there isn't a single person playing Quiz party who is not thankful for the job you did and continue to do with maintaining the database. But at the same time, I also don't see why is this needless complaining constantly going on.
You have to realize that you are on the English Playroom server, which is specific in the sense that people from all sorts of cultural backgrounds come here, and at times, you may get completely incomprehensible questions and far from any Quiz standards, simply because someone may not have such a good grasp of the English language. Nobody is calling you out personally, so I don't understand why you feel offended whenever someone asks something about the Quiz.

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16. YNWA,

We have had several questions in Spanish and in Italian before.

People are new to Quiz party all the time so knowing the basics helps. When you get a new major contributor to Quiz questions it is like going back to square one.

The spelling/Grammar issues are not for just non-native speakers as I have pointed out in the past Almost every question has a basic serious issue.

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17. aims,

Dear fellow Quiz Party enthusiasts, I would like to bring up a topic that has been on my mind for a while now. While I love playing Quiz Party, I have noticed that there seems to be a bit of unnecessary bragging going on even after the initial post has been resolved. I agree with Nikola's suggestion that it would be helpful to have a forum for any general issues regarding Quiz Party. One issue that I would like to address is that some of the questions do not make sense or are too specific to a certain region or culture. As Quiz Party is played by users from all over the world, it would be great to have more questions that accommodate mixed cultures and general knowledge. However, submitting questions can be a bit frustrating at times. We take time out of our busy schedules to create questions, but we are told that we can only submit five questions per day, and only one of those questions may be accepted. It can be disheartening to have our questions rejected, especially when we put effort into researching and phrasing them properly. I believe that it would be beneficial if the Quiz Party team focused more on accepting questions that represent a wider range of cultures and regions, rather than solely focusing on questions about a specific country or region that may not be well-known to other players. In conclusion, I think that the Quiz Party team is doing a great job overall, but it would be nice to see more general knowledge questions that are fun and provide an opportunity for players to learn about each other's cultures. I hope that this feedback is taken into consideration, and I look forward to continuing to play Quiz Party with all of you.

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18. Nikola,

Chat GPT has entered the chat.

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19. godfather,

Is that really necessary? Everywhere I go nowadays I see people singling you out or picking on you if you use these AI services. Seriusly folks, this will happen, get used to it.
Ai is there, people will make use of it, and honestly I think this is a good use, if someone struggles with writing and wants something they wrote worded better? By all means!
Can we please go back to you know, addressing the points people bring up and addressing them in a constructive manner rather than putting them in the spotlight for no reason trying to be sherlock holmes and deduce how they wrote their post and possibly make them even more nervous( which is entirely likely that they were already) given that they didn't feel comfortable enough writing it independently( if this is the case), it may be because of language proficiency, or whatever. That is not our concern.
As surprising as this may sound, the world has you know, good genuine people who don't have any intended malis behind their actions, and as such aren't for example in this instance, using the AI simplly because they're lazy or can't be bothered to make the effort to write it or something. And even if they are, I fail to see how that is any rellevent to the points they raise, which is, hellooooo? What the topic is meant to discuss on a forum.

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20. YNWA,

Having a spelling/grammar checker doesn't prevent people from sending questions. If I send an outlook email it will still put lines under names but it will still allow me to send the email.

Yes I did say people should send in a maximum 5 questions at a time but I never said how many would be validated. How would I know how many would be validated until I see the questions? This only applied to a small amount of people as most people only send in one or two questions. Think of it like this you are at a free table and are hosting a mini Quiz and you are the Quiz Master. What questions would you select, would they be from the same category or would they be different? If you had hosted the quiz for 20 weeks would those 100 questions be simlar to each other? Would any of your questions be the same or almost the same? This is the same for Quiz party. None of us are experienced Quiz question writers. The best questions come from either what is in peoples personal collections or they get them from the internet. There is no obligation for people to send questions as we already have a lot of questions. However, if you have/find very interesting questions then they are still welcome. We need questions on things we have not already covered and the range of questions need to improve instead of just asking who has won x or y for example.

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21. Nikola,

@19 Well excuse me if this post wasn't written because someone struggles with writing but was rather posted as a LOL. It's not my fault that the AI completely missed the context and had no idea what I actually said and what was part of a quote of an already existing post by someone else.
If someone struggled to write their post and used the AI to improve it, that would be a legitimate usage of the service indeed.
But feel free to defend it's usage, the experts on Stackoverflow clearly know better and don't want their service to be full of incorrect information presented as facts confusing people.

But of course, if you can tell me the raised points, I'd gladly respond to them. For instance:

I agree with Nikola's suggestion that it would be helpful to have a forum for any general issues regarding Quiz Party.

I don't remember writing that, do you? Maybe this AI thing doesn't help as much as you think it does...
I'd rather see posts full of spelling errors where a person will improve over time, than posts with an AI that doesn't even know what Playroom is which are much more suitable to a free table where we all joke around with it all the time.

Edit: but the only thing that matters here is what the AI thinks, so let's ask it:
Should you use chat GPT to post on a forum?
As an AI language model, ChatGPT can generate human-like responses to a wide range of questions and prompts. However, using ChatGPT to post on a forum may not be appropriate, as it is designed to mimic human conversation and may not always provide accurate or contextually appropriate responses.
Additionally, using an AI language model like ChatGPT to post on a forum may violate the terms of service or community guidelines of the forum, as some forums may require users to be human and may prohibit the use of bots or automated posting.
In general, it is recommended that you use your own words and thoughts when posting on a forum to ensure that your message is clear and accurately reflects your ideas and opinions.

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22. Marina,

I feel it is now necessary to address the ongoing discussion in this topic, although I initially hoped the situation would resolve itself peacefully.
I would like to emphasize a few points regarding the comments made by Some of you. While it is true that some concerns raised by YNWA aren't explicitly covered by the rules, and in some cases, aren't rules at all. For instance, responding to an already existing topic might not make sense in this situation, as the topic might be difficult to locate or outdated. A more helpful approach would have been to share a link to the previous conversation and remind users to flag questions if necessary. And in terms of the topic title, it's important to understand that it reflects the individual's style, and there's nothing inherently wrong with it.
However, it is accurate that we have previously encouraged forum members to be friendly and considerate in their interactions in a sticky topic in the Tearoom. While not a formal rule, this is a reminder to practice common courtesy, and it applies to everyone, including YNWA. In the context of Quiz Party, it is essential to remain open to public criticism and differing opinions. It is worth noting that YNWA himself has also expressed criticism toward the moderation team, both publicly and privately, and some of them in this very same topic, but without encountering defensive reactions.
That being said, it is crucial to maintain respectful communication in the forum. I would like to specifically address Quintin-C's comment, which bordered on a personal attack. Saying "go play outside or something" is neither respectful nor friendly, and I kindly request that you, as well as all forum members, maintain a civil and courteous tone in your interactions.
Although no other comments have directly targeted individuals, it is evident that the overall tone of the discussion has grown somewhat harsh. I encourage everyone to remain respectful and considerate.
Thank you,

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