can we get the reply lock? (solved)

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1. Radiant,

I wish we had the ability to lock our reply on an account so the at sign followed by message would send them the message instead of the last person who messaged.

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2. TheDreamer,

What do you mean?
Do you mean some kind of being able to deciding on who the @ message without the username after the @ is send to a person of our choice?
If yes, I agree and I'm 100% for it.

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3. console,

Lets say you get a message from userX. You respond to him/her with @ followed by response, but just when you are about to hit enter you get a message from userY. I believe, what pool means is that we need a feature to have the option to decide if we want to lock the @ symbol to refer to userX only so that one could comfortably send pms without fear of miscommunication.

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4. YNWA,

Yes I do agree with this suggestion 100% as I have seen or know of many PMs that have gone to the wrong people and some have been very important and private.

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5. Mortem,

Yes this could be a slash command, like /lock to lock it to the last person you received a PM from. Or I suppose there could be some notation in the command itself to lock it to the person you send the message to, like @person! message would lock your message to person. I'm not sure if PR usernames allow exclaimation marks though and the last idea wouldn't work well if they do.

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6. Shell,

Agreed 100%. I've also had many a pm leaks in my days. Despite being careful, sometimes it just happens, especially if it's a serius discussion, you just do @username message with the flow not thinking about it much.

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7. Nikola,

just my opinion, but I think this could work even better without any kind of locking commands necessary.
What we do is simply keep the @ symbol working as it does now with no changes.
However, add an additional command, where if you start your message with ! (exclamation mark) instead of @, you will rather always message the person you messaged last, and not as @ does, message the person who last messaged you.

A double @ symbol could also work to use this function.

While we run the risk of someone using the wrong symbol by mistake, I think this risk exists even today, where if you use a wrong symbol your message will go public instead, so I don't think that changes anything significant, and over time, I believe people would get used to it.

That being said, I am not in any major opposition to slash commands either, I just feel like it can very easily be accidentally forgotten that you locked the feature and even more so if you keep the Playroom open for longer periods of time.

In the meantime, before this is implemented or not, it's worth noting that if, for example, you write in the chat field @Nikola and send me something, then use the up arrow key to move to that message, only the message part will be automatically selected, so you can just type the next message right away and it will go to the same person. Of course, that's not too practical if you are participating in a highly active public chat at the same time, but in some situations it may be useful.

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8. Ryo-Bee,

One way I had thought about this being really nice and efficient, as a possible additional option, is to give a menu of people to mention when typing at, as Facebook mentions. It could show according to who is online or most recent messages.

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9. Radiant,

I agree with Nicola's alternative idea. that would be more convenient than locking / unlocking the reply.

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10. Spongebob,

Don't we need a poll for this topic too?

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11. aims,

yeah, maybe that way we may have a chance to get this option

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12. Caoimhe,

It didn't work out for the who is that again topic, not sure if something would be different here.

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13. Sanatan,

Polls are optional. What the team like, the team does. Thank you.

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14. Nikola,

I don't know about a poll, but I'm happy to let you know that the suggestion seems to be implemented with today's reboot, exactly as mentioned in my post.

If you write a double at, you will send your PM to the last person you sent the message to, regardless of what you received.

A single at works as before. From my quick testing, everything seems to work as expected.

Edit: Note that there is a small change regarding how single at works, not sure if this is intentional or not.
For instance, if you write @nikola hi, but I never write anything back, you cannot just write @ hi again Nikola to send a message to me, only double at works. So, in reality, to sum it up, single at always replies to whoever wrote to you, double at always messages whoever you wrote to.

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Last edited by Nikola, Jul 8 2023 00:49:31

15. Radiant,

it doesn't work exactly the way you described it, but yeah at least your pm's do not get intersepted even by chatting with the at command. more clarification by the team would certainly be helpful. don't they log the changes somewhere?

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16. console,

Things like this generally get logged in the updates and work in progress topic, clubbed with some other major updates.

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17. Aminiel,


I haven't much to add beyond the fact that yes, it is now implemented with @@. It works just like Nikola told in his post:

  • @ works like before, the message goes to the last person who wrote to you
  • @@ sends the message to the last person you wrote a message to

Note that:

  • Writing to @ or @name will lock @@ to @name exactly in the same way.
  • If you didn't wrote to anyone yet, @@ just works like @.
  • Neither @ nor @@ are remembered between reconnections.

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18. Radiant,

that's great, it works as expected. it was quite confusing to test hahah. I kinda wish it would have been some other symbol instead of double at though. but certainly much better than earlier. thank you.

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