New ways for us to keep connecting to the room

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1. Imani,

Hi. Unfortunately because here in Iran they limit our internet and don't let us to come freely and connect to the room with the software, I hope that our admin creates some other ways to connect like other different ports in the next updates, whether secure or unsecure, because at the end we want to enjoy playing like others any time we want, security will not be the first priority on those specific times. The website is not blocked at all, but The important ports are slowed. Thanks.

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2. Aminiel,


Unfortunately, it's totally impossible for us to know what's going to be blocked or not, and it isn't easy either to add or remove connection endpoints as will.

The windows client already tries 6 different connections: with or without SSL/TLS, using standard ports or not, in IPv4 or IPv6.
So we don't know well what we could add to help you connect more easily.

Additionally, it's a little sad to say that, but we can't either take active actions in order to work around what's blocked in your country, be it legitimate or not.
While we can only disagree with these countries that are against democracy or for the war, we don't want to take the risk to be under attack and/or law suit and/or we don't know what possibly much worse. We all need to stay safe.

I'm extremely sorry, but this isn't our role. We are making games, not politics. You will ahve to find solutions on your own.

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3. Imani,

Yeah I can understand all what you said very well. You are right. Thanks for your concerns anyway

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