Acessible Checkers or draughts

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1. lucsouza1975,

The Play Room is a formidable platform. I have had a lot of fun. Despite this, I miss a game that has several variants: checkers, international draughts, italian draughts, russian draughts and turkish draughts.
Russian draughts are my favorite because it's alloewd backward capture and it's possible still to be played on a 64-square board. Since Brazilian draughts also adhere to these principles, as a Brazilian, it is natural for me to prefer them.
But strictly speaking, I'd be happy to play any variant. They all have their charms. When I was young, on a physical board, I enjoyed playing this game. The Play Room is magnificent, but it doesn't have that.
The question I ask you is if you know accessible ways to play this, either against the computer or against a human opponent.

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2. SheWolf,

I was posting it here twice, I would like to see it here too, but probably they will not add it here, what is pity. But when the decision would change I would be very glad. Checkers is very good game. Game of my childhood to be corect.

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3. lucsouza1975,

It is really a pity if checkers is not included here.
By means of Bing, I've been researching ways to play checkers online in an accessible way.
The AI assured me that the RS Games platform had support for checkers. I installed it, but I didn't find checkers.
The AI ​​also said that there is a Facebook group dedicated to board games among blind people.
As I don't use Facebook, it will take me some time to understand how it works, but I assume they play, each with their tactile board, through a Skype or Whatsapp call.
I really like board games. In the Play Room, what I play the most is backgammon. I want to learn to play go, but I couldn't find a board to buy.
Luckily, there are 3D modeled boards. Soon, I will buy a 3D printer and thus be able to print the go board.
In the case of checkers, the problem is just the opposite. It's easy to buy the board, but very difficult to find a accessible platform to play.
I hope we can reach a way.
Whatever I find out, I'll come back here to tell you.

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4. SheWolf,

rs games has not checkers and i never heard that it had to have it. Even chess they don't have and i don't know any other platforms, so can't advice you.

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5. lucy_light,

Hello! As far as I am concerned, Ontoys has it, but I have never tried.

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6. lucsouza1975,

SheWolf, it's good that you told me that because I stop looking for a solution on the RS Games platform.
Maybe I can't find anything, but because I like checkers, I'll keep looking. And if I find it I'll be here to tell you.
lucy_light, I tried using the Ontoys platform, but the antivirus has objected.
It is likely that the alert is not real, that is, there is some certificate problem in Ontoys that prevents authenticity verification.
The problem is that I feel deeply uncomfortable ignoring the antivirus alerts.

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7. lucy_light,

They have no problem actually, so you might add it as an exception, no harm if you download it from the official website.

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8. SheWolf,

O and where to download it?

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9. Aminiel,


It would certainly be possible to add checkers/draughts in the playroom.

There are at least two reasons why I didn't so far:

  • Strategy board games aren't the most requested games on the playroom
  • I'm myself not very familiar with checkers/draughts and their variants

However, it doesn't mean at all that the door is closed. I have already implemented quite unpopular games, and games I didn't know well about before developing them. So it's clearly still open.
Maybe if you give me explanations on some of the variants and which ones are the most common, it might help me.

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