Suggestion: Refuse an invitation

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1. Nikola,

Hello all,
I had a suggestion regarding invitations, and was wondering what do people/the developer think about it.

Currently, when you are invited to a game, you can press ctrl+J to join. However, I think we should have an alternative shortcut, ctrl+shift+J or perhaps something else, where you refuse the invitation and the master is notified that you don't want to play right now.

What's the point of doing this?
As you know, the master can invite only 4 people before reaching the limit. When gathering players for a team game, this may not be enough if many people aren't interested. Thus, with this feature, those people can signal, ok, I'm not interested to play right now, and this opens up another slot so that the master can invite the next person in their place and not bother waiting for the person they just invited.

Of course, if the invitation is refused, to avoid spam, the master should not be able to re-invite the same person for a few minutes at least.

Similarly, if this was added, the message telling you how to accept the invitation should be updated to mention it so that more people are aware of the feature.

Thanks for your consideration.

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2. Zelon,

totally agree

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3. aims,

agreed also. this would be nice

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4. StormProductions,

Yep, totally agreed. This sounds like a nice suggestion that would definitely improve and make gathering players easier.

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5. godfather,

+1 to this one.

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6. chan,

++1. agreed

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7. Vojvoda,

We need this since a long time

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8. lucy_light,

Surely agree

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9. EnzoFernandez,

Totally agree.

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10. Aminiel,


This idea looks interesting. As always, I won't promise anything, but I'll keep it for later.
Thank you.

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11. Aminiel,


The feature is now implemented !

You can now decline an invitation by pressing Ctrl+D instead of Ctrl+J.
Just like Ctrl+J, if you have several invitations, a menu appears to select the invitation to decline.

Thank you again for this suggestion !

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12. vindication,

At the moment, if an invitation is declined, it is possible to keep sending out invitations to the same person over and over. Perhaps preventing people from doing so for a small amount of time would keep them from being spammed with invitations?

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13. esialb97,

well i dont have tryed anything yet, but the first thing that came to my mind is... if you are on a backgamon game, what will hapen? ctrl d is the shortcut for doubling in this game.

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14. TheChaos,

No spam prevention mechanism detected.

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15. Nikola,

thank you for a very quick implementation!

In addition to what others said, just one small item from me, there should also be a context menu item to refuse an invitation, just like there is one to accept, for web client users.

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16. ibraheemmohsen,

Obviously it was added.
someone is inviting you to a table of Scopa. Press Ctrl+J to join, or Ctrl+D to decline.

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