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1. fredrik013,

Hi Is it possible to create a monopoly board and send it to the play room?

2. Aminiel,

There is no automated solution, but if you send me a text file by e-mail, I could add it in the gameroom.

I need the following informations in the text file, one by line, in the correct order :

Don't hesitate to propose a couple of boards, one by text file, especially if they are official national ones. For example it could be nice to have new country-specific boards: spain, italy, portugal, germany, nederland, belgium, etc.

You can also propose invented boards if you want. If they are well made, I will add them as well.

However, don't propose politics or religion-oriented board, they will always be refused.

3. fredrik013,


I have a few questions, when you write "prepend" for the railway stations, shall the mark for it stand att the before or after the name of the station? What do you mean with "number of houses and hotels"?

4. Aminiel,

when you write "prepend" for the railway stations, shall the mark for it stand att the before or after the name of the station?

It should be a star, the mark, another star, and then the name.

What do you mean with "number of houses and hotels"?

The maximum number of houses and hotels that can be present on the board simultaneously. You can also see that as the number of house and hotel tokens there are in a physical monopoly game box. IN standard games, there are 32 houses and 12 hotels. The exception is the super board of the 12 nations which contains 48 houses and 18 hotels to accomodate the fact that it is 60 squares long instead of 40.

5. fredrik013,

Wich of t1 and t2 is income tax?

6. Aminiel,

T1 is income tax and T2 is supplementary tax.

You can also propose a new type of square with a customized behavior if you want. If I find it original and interesting, I may add it.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Aug 18 2011 22:29:21

7. fredrik013,

Hello again!

Thanks for your answers! I am allmost ready, but I have a final thing I want to verify that I have understood it right.

It is the tags for prison and go to jail. Go to jail says it self, but "prison" shall I set it there the jail is so when I take a chance card or community chest that says go to jail it will jump to the right square?

Where shall I send the text file?

8. Aminiel,

When you draw a card saying "go to jail", you always go to square 10. It corresponds to the visiting jail square in all boards.

You can use my contact page to send an e-mail. The page is in french but you should understand the fields anyway. There you can tell me something and then directly copy-paste the contents of a single file. If you have more than one, write to me, I will respond and then you will be able to send me back attachments.

I do that for security reasons. I wont publish my e-mail address directly here because of spam.

9. fredrik013,

Ok, What's the different between ns and prison tag?

10. Aminiel,

The board I received is allmost correct, except the NS tag. No problem, I will correct it for you.

Thank you very much, the board will be added soon. If you have others, you can submit again.

11. fredrik013,

What is the ns tag? I don't understand where I shall use it. Please send the correct file to my mail so I can see.

Thank you.

12. Pantalaimon,

Can you post a board, so we can see how to make one?

Best regards


PS. What if it's from a book/movie? Is that okay? Or else I can try to make a "Denmark"-board if you are interested.

13. fredrik013,

I am still waiting that you put my monopoly table I have created over Stockholm, sweden in the play room.

14. Aminiel,

I have no time to do it in the next few weeks, sorry.

15. Pantalaimon,

e•Currency multiplier (for dollars and euros, that multiplier is 1, only integers are allowed)

What do you mean with this? Can you explain?

•Starting cash

For example 30.000?

•Number of houses•Number of hotels

32 houses and 12 hotels?

•Square names in the order they appear on the board. Prepend the name by ST for starting square, C1 for chance, C2 for community chest, FA for utilities, RW for railway stations, T1 and T2 for tax squares, FP for free parking, NS for prison and GJ for go to jail square. Ordinary
For example RW*First railway - or what?

Best regards


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