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1. slannon,


It would be fun if the Playroom had more board games. I'm thinking about titles like Life, Trouble, Candy Land, Chutes and Ladders, (AKA Snakes and Ladders), etc.

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2. tiny,

hi. great. and i'm thinking of more word games or puzzle games or mind games. it would be fun too.

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3. YNWA,

Snakes and Ladders is not a good game for the PR. Life Aminiel has already said something about and I don't know the other game. Personally I do like life.

Tiny can you give examples of games you wwould be interested in seeing more of.

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4. Nikola,

I have always wondered what is the fun in snakes and ladders, even more so online. You have no decisions to make. Generally however, I do agree with more board games. Word games were often suggested, however the biggest issue is the dictionaries and different game rules for different languages.

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5. slannon,

Why wouldn't Snakes and Ladders work? Sure, it might not be very interesting, but we don't have an accessible multiplayer version of that game.

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6. YNWA,

If you want it that much then why not buy it off the RNIB and let Aminiel creat something more interesting.

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7. Naday,

He was only suggesting, calm down.

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8. Nikola,

Since when are game suggestions disallowed on the forum? Just wondering if I missed a rule change or something. Regarding the question, I personally don't find it interesting, however of course if the idea would be popular enough it would probably be worth it to program. Actually same goes for all other games. If we look at the popularity of current board games, they are quite small compared to other simpler games. This probably also contributes to the reason we don't have as many of them.

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9. YNWA,

Actually I am wrong, it should have been suggested for RS and not the PR!

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10. helleon,

Yeah in fairness the newer games on RS are fairly crap

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11. Aminiel,


Snakes and ladders would be Something where you just repeatedly press enter without ever take any decision.
In my sense, this isn't really a game... OK, it's a game if you are a 5-7 years old child, because you need to learn how to count, move on a board, respect game rules... but no more.

Since the playroom don't target so little children, it's totally uninteresting.

For the rest, I don't know all the games mentioned, but here are some reasons why there are more card games than other games:

  1. Quite few people are interested in pure strategy board games like chess, connect4 and reversi, compared to those interested in card games.
  2. More generally, people prefer games where there is more chance and less to think. Compare by yourself how many people play farkle, 1000 miles or uno, compared to those who play chess, or even rummy and spades! I'm therefore less encouraged to release new games where strategy is much more important than chance, although personally I prefer strategy.
  3. There are no word games because it would require a different dictionary, and sometimes even variations in rules, for each of the different languages of the playroom. It would be a great challenge, but it's rather complex.
  4. Board games are relatively rare because people have often difficulties in grasping the game situation in its globality and/or the general structure of the board. It's very difficult to make an usable and understandable representation of a board if it isn't linear and not a 2D grid;
  5. and even with 2D grids, quite a few people have already told me that they don't manage to play chess on the playroom without having a physical board next to their computer.
  6. Another category of games is absent because they have a too big social aspect, which would be lost when transposed in an electronic form
  7. Some games would be "press enter" games and therfore totally uninteresting: whether they are too simple, based on pure chance, or most of the challenges of the game would be taken automatically by the computer.
  8. The playroom is a place to play games, but also a place to meet people and play together. That's what the majority does anyway, but it would be quite sad if only games with bots were possible. Therefore I find it a little strange to propose single-player only games.

Because of these different reasons, it's quite improbable that the following games will be released some day; even if I would love to play again some of them:

  1. Checkers, go, abalone
  2. Scrabble, hangman, anagram, apples and apples
  3. The game of life, risk, scrabble, abalone, trivial pursuit
  4. the asshole, the stack of shit
  5. snakes and ladders, roulette, bingo
  6. all the solitaire card games

Note that some of them are pathological cases, they enter in two or more categories.

Yes, black jack enter in categories 5 and 6, and shut the boxes almost as well... they shouldn't have been there, they don't bring anything to the playroom.

Additionally, I try to don't propose too similar games. So, for example, I'm not sure that the game of life would be really interesting even if it were possible, because it looks quite like monopoly. Similarely, threes, 1-4-24, pig and balut quite look like farkle or yahtzee which are already there and much more popular world-wide.

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12. tiny,

at least for just english language i think it's easier to provide but anyway, it could be hard enough to make them. personally i love rummy but not spades at the same time i like belote and cribbage, :d. and about chance games i like farkle and 99. so, all people like some of chance or other kind of games, surely not all of them. about the board games chess is something very special wich less people can play without a board but something like mexican train or domino or even reversy are fine, i did a misspell but never mind.

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13. YNWA,

There is a word related game that Aminiel could creat that does not require a dictionary it is called Chain Reaction. There was a tv series like this in the early 90s. We play it on TAFN and for a short period it was sort of created online. People can submit their own chains and this could be done like quiz party and I would be prepared to edit things.

I don't think there are official rules to this game so I will do my best to explaine.

The game is a 2 player game but could be played with more players.

Chains contain 7 words, you are given the first and last word. You are then given the first letter to the second word.
Lets say the first word is run and the second word begins with the letter O.
You are then given 30 seconds to guess the next word but it could be more.
I can think of the words out or over.
I say over and I am wrong.
the play passes to the next player and they are given a second letter.
the first word is run and the second word starts with the letters OU.
I think you can guess the word is out.
If you type in out then you will be correct and you will be given the first letter of the third word and so on.
If you type in the word OUR then you will be wrong and you will be told there are no more letters and your turn will pass to the next player.
When you have guessed the 5th word correctly you are given the chance to guess the 6th word with out letters for extra points. If your guess is wrong you still play but are given the letter of the 6th word but if you get it wrong it passes to the next player. It is possible to play this game in teams.
after that round we are given a bonus chain containing 4 words. We are given the 1st and 4th word and are asked to guess the 2nd and 4th words. For bonus points, we are not given any letters. If our guess is wrong We are given both letters to words 2 and 3, but do not get the bonus points if we guess wrong it passes to the next player. with No extra letters given to any other player. If nobody gets it correct nobody scores any points.

after 2 7 word chains we are given either a 15 or 20 word chain. but no bonus 4 word chains.

There are some varient chains which I suggest should be added later when people are familiar to chain reaction.

1 you are given the first word of a chain and are given the last letter to the second word.
first word run
second word would end in T
if wrong you are given the last 2 letters UT and if wrong again you are told there are no more letters.

2 You can start with the last word of the chain and work backwards. In this case you would give the first letter of the penultimate word.

Say the last word is house the previous word would begin with w
the word in this case would be work.

3 you can start with the last word of the chain and last letter of the word.

and the last letter K

4 You give the middle word to the 15 word chain and people can play up or down, best for 2 players or teams of 2.


It may be a more workable game if we have say 20 word chains and give the first word and second letter of the second word, I have explained the game as best as I can and you can take what parts you think would be best for the PR but this is a possible option.

you may wish not to include the 4 word chains. You may not wish to give the 7th word to make things easier for people.

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14. Aminiel,


so, all people like some of chance or other kind of games, surely not all of them.

What I say is just a general tendency: Of course everyone has his/her own tastes

@YNWA: I don't understand well in your game, how the 1st word is related to the 2nd, the 2nd to the 3rd and so on ? At first I thought that the relation was that the words where using the same letters (In french we call this anagramme), but in fact not. I assume the words aren't completely random ? i.e. someone ahs to prepare the chains in advance ?

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15. YNWA,

the word has to relate to the word above it to make the chain but does not have to relate to the whole chain.

here is a 7 word chain:


black coffee (A drink)

Coffee cup ( a cup you drink out of)

cup final (like a world cup final)

final game (if it is your last game)

game over (end of game)

over time (if you are working extra hours)

People can creat their own chains as people can send in their own questions for the quiz.

This is a good word chain game that will work but as we know word games have their issues hear as you know with the little exam.

Here is another word chain:


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