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1. Nikola,

Greetings. Instead of creating a topic for each small mistake we find in the translation, I had an idea to have one central topic where all translation errors are posted. You can reply with anything you think should be changed or corrected. I will also try to keep the first post up to date with all the errors still reported and not fixed so Aminiel can get an overview right from the first post. Here I have compiled a short list of errors that I've encountered.
I have divided them into two parts. Server strings and client strings. As the server strings can be changed without a client update, Aminiel can look in that list for immediate fixes. When a new client update is planned, you can look in the list of client strings to modify these before the release.

Nothing reported at the moment!

It does not need saying, this topic was not created to criticize anyone's work, but to make the translation as good as possible. Thanks to Aminiel for working on two translations, English and French, this is a small contribution from the community to help identify errors faster.

Date of the last update: 13.10.2023. If you want to see the latest error reports, check post number 5 for the list of last additions to this post. All strings which have been fixed will be removed from the post.

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2. Aminiel,


Excellent initiative, thank you very much ! IF we all stay up to date, we can be quite productive.

I'll fix these errors for the next server update. However, I can already say that #8 won't be changeable soon, because it's translated on the client; this will need to wait for the next client update.

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3. Naday,

Just to point also at the number 8, it is not the only place it has an exclamation mark. Everywhere (or in most of cases) there is a space between the word and the symbol. I think this is because of French writing which is actually done this way, correct me if I am mistaken. But yeah in general all the places where there's an exclamation mark this problem is present. Maybe even before question marks, can't recall now.

Edit: Yes, the same problem occurs, for example when you set the game options.

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4. StormProductions,


"Leave the Playroom" doesn't sound good with an exclamation point in my opinion. It's like you're telling the user "Leave the Playroom! Now!"
Note: This is just my opinion. Don't consider it if you don't think It's a good idea.

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5. Nikola,

Latest changes, October 13th:
- Added a 1000 miles typo.

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6. Rory101,

i think leave the playroom should just be "exit the playroom"

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7. YNWA,

Yes rory it should read Do you really want to exit the playroom.

Also when you leave a game it should say Do you really want to quit the table? That is why you press q in the first place as it stands for quit.

Both questions should require a questionmark because they are asking a question that requires a response.

Just something of interest I noticed earlier. Nikola when you wrote color you wrote the american way the UK way is colour as we add the letter U to the word. Another example would be flavour (UK) flavor (USA) For the game UNO or other games it is not important as people can understand either spelling of the word. I left the spelling of Colour/color to start with for quiz party but when creating a search after for colour i did not find words spelt color that had no letter U in them so I had to ensure they were all spelt one-way as it was easier for search purposes. I left the book the color purple as it was as that is how the book was written and less likely questions about this book would be repeated many times with different spellings of the word color/colour.

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8. Nikola,

However, if you are sitting at a table, you leave it, not quit it. Personally I am interested in errors like typos or missing information, not small word differences where meaning stays the same anyways.

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9. YNWA,

This topic is not about what Nikola likes but translation errors. If that is not the case then you should change the name of the topic and stop misleading people as you are not a translator.

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10. Nikola,

Sorry, why that tone? I have offered my opinion, didn't tell you to stop posting because I dislike it. Yes, about translation errors, and leave the table is not one of them. Again, my opinion, not a fact.

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11. Aminiel,


I tend to prefer "leave" rather than "quit", because it's more natural, rather than computer-oriented wording.

Anyway, this isn't a real error. It's interchangeable, and it stays understandable.

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12. YNWA,

You press Q to quit not l to leave . We have t for time and s for score so it is logical to match them up as you see on many computer programs.

I don't go by the French translation just how I would normally expect to see it and give a UK point of view. After that you choose what you feel best.

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13. Naday,

A small thing here @YNWA. Is really T as for time? Isn't it T as for temps, which means time in french? Scores, in French is scores. R is for rules. But hey! In French rules is règles. In English it's leave the table, in French it becomes Quitter cette table. The keys are made the French way, and they're the same in all of the languages, putting asside the translations.
He already chose what he feels best, seems you did not realise. And you are not giving an UK point of view. You don't speak for your whole kingdom.
Not bad to make such suggestions but then he would need to code way more things to change it all for all of the languages. In Spanish scores is resultados, and rules is reglas, he can't use r for both of them. To leave the table is dejar (leave) or abandonar (abandon) la mesa. And there is nor d nor a used.

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14. Nikola,

It could not be l to leave anyways because l is used to play on the left in Dominos

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15. YNWA,

So if we have q for quit so what is the problem with changing the word to quit as both letters still match. All translations shouldn't be identical. LFC have translations in many languages but leave it to the local provider to adjust to local differences. Providing all games are usable and apply to the same rules the experiences should still be the same instead of creating something that doesn't look right.

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16. Nikola,

Greetings. Updated the first post to mention a Chess error. Also, from now on, my second post in this topic which is post number 5 will be constantly edited as a changelog to show what has been updated in the first post. Sadly it's not post number 2 as it probably should be.
All the best.

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17. Adventure-Time,

Bringing a small typo I have remembered about recently. In your imbox when leaving the discussion, you get this: "Dou you really want to delete this discussion from your inbox ?" The first word has an extra u, and the message should be: Do you really want to delete this discussion from your inbox ?

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18. Nikola,

Greetings! Thanks To Aminiel for fixing quite a lot in this update. I have removed everything that was fixed and the post is now up to date. There remain a few strings that have not been fixed and one minor typo in the new Chess text, as well as a missing translation in Scientific war. Thanks also to everyone who reported typos to be added to the post. Let's all make the translation as good as possible.

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19. StormProductions,


Whenever you post a new topic in this forum, you get the message "Topic posted !", so there's a space before the exclamation point.
The phrase should be: "Topic posted!"

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20. YNWA,

Personally I would have no space between question marks but I do believe there is a little space between them from a visual point of view. I think this dripfeed of errors could last til 2222 and I hope football will be back by then.

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21. slannon,

I'm not sure if this has been posted here, but there is an error in a string for Monopoly. It is You get 200 $ as salary after having passed by the start square. It should say this. You get $200 for passing the start square.

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22. YNWA,

The start square is called go so you should get $200 if you pass go. Many of the chance and community Chest cards are different from the original. From memory one card says make charity to the poor. I believe it should read something like make a donation to the poor...

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23. Adventure-Time,

Duck's race: When you got no feathers left, you get this message:
"You are completely nacked, you are thrown back to the last place!"
First there's an extra c in the word "naked". Moreover, I'm not quite sure about the second part of the sentence. It sounds a little misleading to me. I don't wanna be wrong, but when you run out of feathers you freeze for several turns but you aren'T going back as the phrase possibly indicates. As far as I'm concerned, the French string doesn't have this additional part. It only tells you that you're featherless. :) Thus I'd suggest the string to say:
You are completely naked.

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24. YNWA,

7 it says children's nest. I assume you mean duckling's nest as you mean baby ducks.

Also 11 should be Water Lilies (Nenuphar)

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25. Cristina ,

I wonder if in ducks race game, the word "earth" of the sentence "Earth is a little sticky" would it be better to be replaced with the word "ground"?
I am not sure if it is more correct to say "Ground is a little sticky" instead of "earth is a little sticky".
And also maybe "ducklings" instead of "small duckies".

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26. YNWA,

Maybe the ground is a bit muddy but right about the other.

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27. Rory101,

another error, or at least something that should be worded better: the classement at the end of the race should be: the final rankings after the race are:

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28. console,

In battleship it says 'Sharks are getting unpatient !'
it should say 'Sharks are getting impatient!'
So here also there is a space before the exclamation.
And it should be impatient.

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29. sukil,

Duck's race: "Repearing rest" should be "repairing rest"

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30. YNWA,

The last phraise doesn't make sense to me but would have to play game again to understand more.

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