Translation errors and typos

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91. SheldonCooper,

User gave the wrong answer. It should not be the, should be a wrong answer, or did not give the right answer, something like that. There is noe one spesific wrong answer only, so "the" is not appropriate I think.

92. slann-tonic,

the wrong answer is fine. it's grammatically correct.

93. YNWA,

The user gave the wrong answer is correct because there is just one correct answer to all the questions. If 2 or more of the options could be correct then that question should be reported as an error.

94. SheldonCooper,

Well, I might be wrong because I am not a native english speaker, but what I find confusing here is that we generally use the word the when we mean something specific. I am not sure if we can use the word the here because there are 2 other wrong answers.

95. slann-tonic,

Ok, I can see now. and yes, you could be right. it can be all about sintax. so perhaps it's not totally wrong, but not that right either, at least in this case. then, in order to avoid that confusion, I suggest that it's all changed like this. the user x answered correctly, or answered incorrectly. that would sound a bit more general.

96. YNWA,

Factually it should say you have selected the wrong answer as you choose from a list of 4 possible answers. You don't give any answers as you don't type in what you think the answer should be. It could also say you have chosen the wrong answer.

97. glifosato,

fellas, I've just analized the game, and yes: it should say "you've given an wrong answer. we use the indefinite here because there is more than one incorrect answers. The wrong answer (definite) would fit if there were only two options, one correct and one incorrect.

98. Vojvoda,

The wrong answer is definitely right. I even googled it. However An wrong answer isn't right for sure.

99. gfriha,

If you look at unos rules you can see:
IN this variant, we suggest that we can only play a draw four when we haven't any other choice. Playing a draw four in that case is still permitted, but is considered to be bluff (bluff in sens that you let other players believe that you haven't nothing else to play when it is not really the case)."

Some months ago I noticed that that's not true because if for example the card in the table is a green 8 and I don't have green but I have a yellow 8 (which it's still playable) I can play the +4 and if someone acuse's me that won't be bluff. I've played uno for years and like I said, I noticed tat some months ago (stupid ofr my part, of course, but it could be great if the word playable would be changed or explained).

100. slann-tonic,

Sorry, this thread is only about translations and tipos, not about game rules themselves.

101. lussy,

Guys, there is a mistake in duck racing, if you win with fire against metal, you wil have this string, fire makes metal to melt, it should be fire makes metal melt, without the preposition.

102. Nikola,

thanks for that, I believe you are correct.
I would also like to draw your attention to a mistake from the first post in the new Spades variant:

- Spades: In the new suicide variant, if you have to write at least 4 tricks and you write an incorrect number, the game tells you:
"You must bet a list 4 tricks."
It should instead be:
"You must bet at least 4 tricks."

As always, thanks for your work.

Latest edition by Nikola, Apr 20 2021 17:39:25

103. YNWA,

You can just say fire melts metal for Duck racing. Nikola is 100% right with what he said in previous post.

104. lussy,

Yes, I totally agree. Also the thing with steals from you instead of steals you, reffering to feathers, which I think has been discussed even at the early beginnings of this topic has not been yet conclusioned or changed.

105. Nikola,

Correct, here instead of PlayerName steals you x feathers, it should rather be PlayerName steals X feathers from you.

106. slann-tonic,

That's it. You don't steal someone something, you steal something from someone. for example. you would say "I stole a piece of chocolate from tim, and not, "I stole tim a piece of chocolate.
you also must use the preposition "from" when you mention the place the stolen thing was in: I stole a sausage from the fridge.
Using a pronoun after the verb steal is not correct. in this case you would use the verb rob. for example, a thief robbed me last night. He took my cellphone away.

Latest edition by slann-tonic, Apr 23 2021 09:34:36

107. YNWA,

Using a pronoun after the verb steal is not correct. in this case you would use the verb rob. for example, a thief robbed me last night. He took my cellphone away.
I would write it like this... I was robbed last night, a thief took my cell phone. If you were robbed it is obvious they have taken your phone away otherwise you would not have been robbed. I was taught never to state the obvious and I was taught you should not use the phrase I am writing to you as it is obvious you are writing when starting a letter.

108. slann-tonic,

Hmm, I think you were not well taught then. the two examples are correct, because:

  1. the first example has two clauses, the second clause explains or complements another clause.
  2. when you write a letter you can use "I'm writing to you" as an introduction in order to explain why you're sending that letter.
  3. What is not correct is that you had tried to quote such a big chunk of my message. the playroom does not have a mentioning or quoting system, so forget about it. qoting a big piece of my message like you just did is not the appropriate thing. in that case, putting an @ sign next to my name before your opinion would be enough.

Latest edition by slann-tonic, Apr 26 2021 09:35:40

109. YNWA,

The first I said how I would write it. Secondly with a letter you would Write with reference to either a previous letter or phone call. I don't think Quiz Party did that badly either so somebody must have done something right! .

Latest edition by YNWA, Apr 27 2021 22:14:06

110. Nikola,

there is also another typo in Chess:
In the shift plus H dialog, the string at the bottom reads:
"Import/exprt in PGN format..."
It should instead be:
"Import/export in PGN format..."


111. James_Ketchup,

Hi. Think this could be a possible typo. In duckracing, one of the cards read "cartboard glue" instead of "cardboard glue"

112. Nikola,

in the latest update, when trying to start a Chess or Go game with 2 bots, the following string appears:
"Bots can't play with eachother."
Here, this is a typo as a space is missing. It should instead be:
"Bots can't play with each other."


113. dragonoid,

hey. There's an error in oono, when someone accuses you for bluffing and they're wrong, it says he instead of they

114. Nikola,

I have also noticed that a part of the website is completely untranslated.
I am talking about the statistics for Quiz party.
Try visiting

Here, if you navigate past the most addicted players section, you will notice a section called "~QzCtgBest~"
as well as the text
this is supposed to display the list of correct answers per category.
The sections below are also untranslated, displaying the list of most popular categories, the number of questions in each as well as the players with the most questions submitted.
This is quite interesting, I didn't even know that such statistics existed for Quiz party until recently. Hopefully you can find some time to fix this part.


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