Translation errors and typos

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121. forester,

Greetings. I've recently come across such easily correctable mistakes. It's obviously from Quiz Party. When two or more people happen to have answered correctly, there pops up such a message: Everybody have found the right answer to this question and get 1 points.
First of all, it is to be everybody has, for everybody is always followed by is, has and so on with no exceptions. And respectively there should be s at the end of the verb get according to the reason described above. Thank you for your attention.

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122. YNWA,

Personally I would say everybody has chosen the correct answer and receive 1 point.

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123. aayushi,

there is an error in the game some game assume male players by defolt. It is yet not solved. I think the best way to solve it is to replace all "He" with "They".

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124. bon-kinus,

That's it, you generally use they when you don't specify if the subject is male or female.

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125. aayushi,

I have found another error. In 1000 miles it says you draw a axident card instead of an axident card.

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126. bon-kinus,

True, but more than a translation error, this seems to be a code error which is not allowing the program to differentiate this article thing. According to a post by aminiel in that sense, he said that for some reason he would have to rewrite some of the code for this to be fixed.

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127. Nikola,

Yes, this is a coding problem and cannot be changed on the translations side.

Perhaps I should add that to the first post since it seems to often be reported, and there are probably a few more examples of this...
I guess I just do not really know of a good way to explain this to someone who does not understand anything about programming.

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128. facelessghost,

Hi all!
I just want to bring this to your attention!
When subscribing to a topic, the information that I am subscribed to the topic is displayed, which means that I will receive an email.
such text is in any version of the room.
I believe that this text should be changed, since the game room has not sent emails from the forum for a very long time, and clarification in the topic will only confuse new members of the community!
The error is not related to the translation, it is a mistake on the site.
This affects all channels of the game room where there is a forum and you are subscribed to topics on the site.

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129. Quintin-D,

Lisbonna (purple) and Bragga (purple) are written incorrectly

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130. Negaar,

The server is going to reboot in less than 1 minutes should be (1 Minute)

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