New features in Playroom 3.0

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31. Aminiel,

Hello, I have heard that wx wigit works for linux too.
Does it mean that we will be able to use pr from linux?
Or there are other dependencies that need to be addressed?

Like for mac, it means that I'm nearer, but not yet at it. I have still quite a long way to go before really being able to make a mac or linux version.

32. Nikola,

thanks for your answer, lines being merged is a great solution as well and I am glad that will work.
Sorry for slight off topic, but just to briefly talk about Mac. I recently started using one, and actually a few shortcuts indeed don't work on the web due to system conflicts.
For example, you cannot use ctrl space to copy, because this hotkey is used to change keyboard layouts. You can however fix this by changing the shortcut in the keyboard settings.
However, one that doesn't seem to work at all is switching views. On Windows, both alt and arrows as well as alt and numbers work. On Mac, I assume we need to use command instead of alt, but that simply does nothing, and in the case of command and numbers this is used to jump to a specific tab in Safari, so this even can't work, but I assume command and left and right should.
Maybe there is a system conflict here too, I didn't search enough, but just pointing out in case it's something you can address, in case command key should be defined separately for Mac as it would be extremely useful to be able to change history views.
Also, there is a web client bug I talked about I think last year, and you wanted to fix it but forgot, so if you could resolve this also it would be very appreciated. When you are at a table, pressing f10 to open options causes a weird menu to open where options aren't properly labeled but rather use their string names. Note that this works fine in the main room, this bug happens only at a table.
Edit: Nevermind, I actually figured out how changing views works. Instead of the command key, you should use option. So, option and numbers work fine if anyone else was having trouble with this.

Latest edition by Nikola, Feb 14 2021 23:38:20

33. Dracula-Vampira,


How about the possibility to configure the hotkeys in options? For example, I don't have a context menu hotkey on my keyboard, so I could set ctrl or some other key for its function (as long as it's not reserved for something else). That could also help in case someone has some conflict with system hotkeys or whatever.

Second thing that I'd personally like would be to introduce buttons for functions that are now hotkey exclusive. For example, right now the menu that opens after pressing F2 is only available this way and it's not possible to reach the functions by selecting the already available options. Same goes for list of online people regardless of their language (right now the link in F2 menu opens only list of people connected to the same language), and I believe that such hotkeys that are not covered for example by context menu options are present in games as well - I can think of hotkey to skip turn in reversi not being covered by context menu (if it didn't appear in the meantime). Minimizing the number of "essential hotkeys" would be very useful. It may not be difficult to code, but I guess it's rather a laborous detective work to find out what's actually missing.

Lastly, could Ctrl+A in the chat select everything, so it can be then copied or deleted? Ctrl+C or V work as everywhere else, but this one does not, and I think it would be more intuitive than down arrow key people discussed earlier or some other hotkey combinations.


34. Nikola,

there is an alternative shortcut to access the application menu, you can use ctrl f9. You should also be able to use the Windows native alternative, shift plus f10.
About text selection, this is true, for some reason ctrl A doesn't work in single line edit fields, but if you tab once from it and shift tab back, everything will be selected, though as you've mentioned in the previous topic that you are a sighted user I could understand how that perhaps doesn't feel very intuitive.

I also wanted to put one more suggestion which came to my mind. There should be a way to specify where Playroom should save it's configuration. This would allow better portability of the application.
Right now, it's entirely possible to copy the app to another location and make it essentially portable, but in order to save it's settings, the program still requires administrator rights which isn't always possible when you aren't on your computer. If instead we could tell it to save the configuration in it's own folder inside a config folder, that would be helpful.

35. unolover,

wen can we expct the update

36. omidsalehi ,

Hi all. I have a number of suggestions for the coming update, which may or may not have already been made by others. If they have already been proposed, apologies in advance.
First of all, I think the playroom team can create a database of popular radio stations from all over the world, to which users can contribute and from which they can choose to stream. Including a voicechat feature to be activated by a shortcut key or a combination of keys would also be a good addition to the current version. and now that we've come so far in creating a social network of sorts, a privacy setting by which one can choose to show the time of his last visit to his/her friends would also be a nice feature. Thanks for listening or just skipping, whichever is the case. smiles.

37. majoz,

Hello, @aminiel I'd like to share an experience related to the chat history I have, because I recently made the exact same thing for a project of mine. It is possible to make a condition that says if the chat field isn't empty, and you're not yet in history chats, the field will do nothing and the text will stay untouched. And to the question of why the text wanishing may be annoying, many users of computer with a screen reader, including me, are used on reading their whole input in a field by pressing the down arrow, so that their screen reader says the whole text out loud continuously, while if this is tried here, the text disappears instead. Also reporting that I've los tmany messages due to this, even if it was my intention or if it was a simple key misspress. Have a nice day!

38. Arense,

I don't know if this would serve as a suggestion. But I would implement a new language for the client.
I would be willing to translate it into Catalan. I do not have a degree in Translation and Interpreting, it is true (and I do not know if this is an impediment to do so). But I do speak French correctly. I propose it as a suggestion.

39. whozitken,

Hi have been checking the website for an update on this. when version 3 comes out, will we have to go get it or will our client update automaticly? also will new games be added when version 3 goes live?

40. Nikola,

Based on the previous releases, in the beginning, it will first come out as a beta which you will have to get manually if you want, though generally those releases aren't recommended in case you aren't able to reinstall a previous version yourself in case of critical issues.
I wanted to add something else, could you also fix the clearing history bug?
If you focus the history edit field, press the applications key and choose clear history, you aren't able to navigate using page up and down anymore even after history has new entries again.

41. Rayo.bgtr ,

Hi, I'm sorry to be so repetitive, but I saw this topic, and I thought it was a better idea to leave my suggestion around here. And I would like to propose the expansion of character limit in the state of the playrroom because it seems to me that 90 is very short. Maybe it could be 150, maybe... Well, it's a mere suggestion that many of us would be happy, thank you.

42. facelessghost,

Hello everyone
I want to ask you to fix one interesting bug that has been in Quentin's Gameroom for quite some time!
I hope this will not be difficult to do in the new version!
If you are in the game table, or just in the table for communication,
accidentally pressing the left arrow control or the right arrow control will lead to a critical error.
with the following message displayed:
A critical error has occurred and the application should close. please accept our apologies.
I have long wanted to ask, what is the reason for the error when pressing these keyboard shortcuts, while in the game, or in a free table?
this will work if you press the Ctrl key along with one of the arrows.

Latest edition by facelessghost, May 10 2021 21:32:55

43. whozitken,

Hi on the bug described I have noticed the same thing if my hand doesn't quite hit the enter key and if I also hit delete at the same time a so called fatal error happens. you don't lose the game when you reopen the client it's right back where you left off.

44. audio_gamer_2010,

This might be a rather long list but let’s go, number one, please make the friends list next to like 500 or something, number two, there should be like a smart match but Nana’s room screen with you push the smart Max button, you will be brought into a random table with a random player come out so much is your price of what team and what table people you play with, more free table features, how about we make a slot machine real and roulette wheel and addition to the coin tosses and dice rolls, next feature, please fix this edit bug where if I push edit post, it only lets me edit the subject, would be really nice if you can fix this then come also, one little question, what is arcade mode, thanks

45. Aminiel,

Could you please use punctuation and make sentences and paragraphs otherwise it's very complicated to read follow and understand what you say I don't understand anything to what you say because of this and I won't waste time trying to understand you if you don't make any effort in that direction even if you have maybe given good suggestions so please let speech synthesizers take their breath otherwise I'm going to lose mine

46. Blind_Empress,

Hi! I really enjoy Black Jack and Poker. Is there any possible way of maybe adding some sort of game involving slot machines? I know slots are usually a one-player game, but there's always a first for everything. So this can be the first one-player game on this platform! This is just an idea that I had in my head while playing black jack, but it may be something to consider to possibly add some sort of slot machine game.

47. Aminiel,


Slot machines and roulette are essentially press enter games, and so are totally uninteresting in a platform like the playroom.
You don't even ahve casino atmosphere and pressure of betting real money, so, really, totally uninteresting.

48. Arense,

But poker is also a game, in which you feel like you're not betting anything. In Monopoly the same. Why not include those games too? If they are difficult to program, then it would make sense.

49. Nikola,

In both Poker and Monopoly, you have decisions to make.
In a slot machine, you are just pressing enter to spin the wheel with no choice on the outcome. Since it is a single player and also quite a basic game, you can easily find offline versions if that interests you.

50. Aminiel,

Poker and monopoly aren't only games of chance. You must make choices, and the decisions you take will change the course of the game. Sometimes you can win even if you don't have much luck.
On a slot machine, whatever you do, you are just watching stupidly, once you have pressed the start button.

Personally, I think that, a game where you don't have any choice to make, any decision to take in order to influence what happens next, doesn't deserve the term game.

51. whozitken,

yeah I agree these are nice little doodles RS games has a slot machine on it it's a fun little time killer but that's what makes the playroom great. the games on it like heart, spades, and french terrot or barbu are really great because to learn to play them, I really had to sink my teeth into them. was telling a player on my out of sight chat about Uno on playroom how it is really designed for faster play with the interceptions and the two and four responses. the other thing about the playroom is they do a great job of finding games from all over the world. like Go that will be on version 3. I'd like to see risk and chinese checkers come to the playroom if they can work. someone suggested that maybe a version of the game we play on the voicechat sites called mississippi should be added, but I'm not sure how it could be done. when we play that on games galore and more it is played in two hour sessions over a period of several weeks. but playroom is really good as those kind of game you can really sink your teeth into. sometimes it takes a little work and applying some elbo grease but it's really worth it. very glad one night late several years ago I decided to take the playroom for a spin.

52. Rory101,

Hello Aminiel, and other quentin C developers.
First off I would just like to say my thanks for this playroom. I found it in 2016, and have been playing it on and off ever since, however this new 3.0 beta I have been using for a while, and it's allowed me to play, especially uno with a lot of speed, which is fantastic!
So, I have just a couple small suggestions.
In cribbage, some apps allow you to have the game count hand automatically for you. I think this would be really good, as I'm still learning how to play and often get mugged of points.
Other suggestion is to allow the import of FEN files to the game for chess and set them as the starting position for the game.
This would allow for players to use cool variations they have made or continue a game with their friend that they played in another app.

53. Nikola,

it is already possible to import a FEN position in Chess.
Press CTRL plus O at the start of the game if you are the master, and paste the string.

54. facelessghost,

Hello everyone!
I also agrees with the fact that in Cribbage at first not just to figure it out.
I could not understand how to count the glasses.
Perhaps automatic counting and not very useful. But at least make it options to understand and learn to count. Perhaps for beginners in this game it will be useful.
I still want to draw your attention to future updates.
This will definitely not be in this version, but in future versions.
You have a lot of card games, and there are no games for military timatics except sea combat.
It will be very healthy if it is changed.
If one of these games will appear in the game room, it will be healthy!
(Age of Heroes, and another wonderful game of strata.
I apologize for not very good English.

55. YNWA,

It explains in the rules of Cribbage how to count points to a point and if you get your score wrong in a game it tells you how your total was worked out. How much people pay attention is another matter.

56. Aminiel,


Having points automatically counted in Cribbage would remove quite a lot of the salt from the game. Think about it, you would just have to choose what cards to send to the crib and play the first phase. Not that fun. Additionally, counting right is an important skill of the game, the mugging rule commonly applied is a proof of it being central.
So it has been decided from the start to don't make it automatic.
IF you are beginer, you can disable mugging, though.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jul 15 2021 21:00:13

57. Rory101,

I agree, age of heros is amazing!

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