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1. FromUnknownReality ,

What does the sound "welcomerror.ogg" mean? Thanks.

2. Nikola,

I am also curious about this, in which situation it's played, since it's quite a funny mashup of the welcome noise.
I suppose some error has to occur in the initialisation, but not exactly sure.

3. unolover,

is a new game

4. FromUnknownReality ,

It is not a new game. It is a sound that I recently discovered in the sounds folder of the playroom and I wonder what it means.

5. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

I believe I've invoked this particular sound once or twice. I don't remember what the exact senario was but there was definitely an error involved. The client might have crashed after playing that particular sound as well.

6. FromUnknownReality ,

Does anybody else know what this exactly means? Any moderators?

7. tiny,

i think it will mean the end of the playroom. cause everything has an end.

8. Nikola,

Um what guys, we are talking about a sound present ever since the Playroom exists, not something new that just came up. It doesn't mean any new game or any end / shutdown.

9. jackson95,

It could be the fatal error. Some people should know what that means.

10. el_poderoso_sargeras,

huhuhu! can you imagine that? the day that the playroom stops working... you enter normally to see if you can connect to one of the servers and the sound welcomerror is played. I think that if I don't know about the end possibly it would scare me hahahaha.

11. tiny,

@moff_gideon: i can quite imagine it lol.

12. cornflakes,

the sound plays when the client can't start because its missing required files it needs to run such as DLL's it needs to call and you get that soundd with a popup telling you there was an error and the client closes once you press ok.

13. tiny,

so my ending hypothesis failed

14. MuhammadHajjar,

@moff_gideon you reminded me of this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XF3GzRiNRGI

15. Stella_Mccoy,

well, I t hink the playroom, and unfortunately, will have its end, some day. unfortunately but yes xd.
but yea, alwais I asked me what does that sound mean rofl. I saw it in the playroom folder long time ago and I asked me it, I think who said why does this sound would be played said us the answer of a question that, I think, many people were asking here :P.
I don't imagine the day in that I try to log in as usual and I can't. other day, I can't, other day I can't, other month I can't... oh no, it's better to don't imagine it :P

16. FromUnknownReality ,

I just watched the video linked in one of the posts. Those sounds sound like something you would hear from a gaming console on haloween LOL

17. el_poderoso_sargeras,

Yay, I wached it too. The sounds are really creepy haha. I remember those sounds very well... my god, old times... I scared a little, but I think I am a bit nostalgic hahahaha

18. MuhammadHajjar,

Yeah I felt nostalgic too. Some sounds are new to me, but especially the PS2 one however, is engraved in memory. Admittedly it was creepy at that time, and it's like interpreting that this disk is dead so don't waste your time on it. Lol.

19. cornflakes,

yes. One day, the playroom might be gone and you may not be able to connect, but you won't here that sound. You will just here the normal welcome sound, and connect error. Like when the server has had the latest crash's.

20. Stella_Mccoy,

well, yea, I mean, as nicola said, that's a comon sound created since... the playroom has been created? I think...
so it wouldn't be the end of the playroom xd. just that, I can't imagine if I wana log in here as usual and I get this sound as a reply... oh no. but I think if the playroom ends some day will have an important reason to explain before close htis platform, at least if aminiel and the rest of the programers need to do it. if not... well, we'll not get any message before it happens.. um...

21. cornflakes,

if you ever get that sound, just reinstall the game and done. boom

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