Audio Proposal Process

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1. Sylphrena,

Hi there,

Currently when the master proposes a new audio, it immediately stops the currently playing one. Could you either

Since the master finishes the audio before everyone else and people may start listening too late since they play it on their own time it causes everyone to go out of sync, and people's song get interrupted prematurely because of that.

Thank you!

2. Nikola,

I quite like this, especially the autoplay idea.
What also came to my mind was, when the table master presses Ctrl P, in the stream dialog he could be able to see how many people are still listening to the current stream, if any, but seeing how the client completely handles the streaming part that might not be currently possible.
Also, it would be great to have a shortcut or a menu option to copy the link of a current stream. Currently, that's the only possible workaround for this issue, listening manually through the link, but not only because of this. Playroom's media player seems to be particularly sensitive about bad Internet connections and often doesn't play streams even though your connection isn't so horrible, or stops them in the middle with no way to continue. Also, on the web, the only way is to manually visit the stream URL, so that's another use case.

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