Creating a tutorial video for the playroom

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1. chuhiya_queen,

Hello all, so I would like to suggest something, particularly to the moderators. It would be really nice if we had a tutorial video available. It could contain, how to create a playroom account, and after that, how to navigate/use the playroom with a screne reader. This would be very useful since not many people are efficient in using computers, so they might find it difficult to navigate through the playroom. Again just a suggestion, would love to hear your feedbacks on it. Thanks in advance.

2. Monjulika,

Hello. Yes, it is an amazing idea and it would help a lot of people.

3. phoenix009,

good idea. Anyone mind if I do it?
I’ll have it ready by tomorrow morning ist.

4. chuhiya_queen,

we cant do it without permission. I guess.

5. Nikola,

Of course you can. You can demonstrate any program you'd like, as long as it's not a confidential beta and the licence agreement tells you otherwise. Considering the popularity of the Playroom, I'm quite sure something already exists.
Considering it's popularity as well, I'd imagine most people know how to register at this point.
However, what could actually be good and what I've considered doing is demonstrating some of the more advanced functionality such as channels and views in particular, but if I were you I'd personally wait for V3 to become stable in a while as changes can be introduced and what you demonstrate now might not be applicable.
Also, the administration itself didn't do anything official in this sense, as far as I know because they aren't really comfortable with their English level.

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6. Mmarina,

Nikola is right, of course you can demonstrate, just please do not say it's official or any sort of thing.
I would like to announce something that maybe many people don't know about, we as English helpers thought of creating a FAQ page and a shortcut page for exactly this reason. Note that they now are not updated to cover the new Beta client yet, but we will do update them once the v3 client becomes officially available.
You can find them here:
FAQ, shift+F1 or visit this link:
Shortcuts from here:
I hope this helps.

7. YNWA,

I do agree tutorials can be very useful and I do agree it is best to wait until v3 of the PR comes out properly. There is no reason why they can't be done in other languages other than English. Perhaps it could also be a good way for people to learn more of the games here too.

In the past I have used them to find out more about equipment I was interested in and also when I wanted to create a batch file which allowed me to have an instant list of plays/music by just pressing enter on the file I just dropped in along those folders/files.

8. Pool,

I think nathan tech have the playroom tutorial on his websight.

9. Aminiel,


We don't intent to make something official, but feel free to publish a presentation of the playroom. As long as you aren't doing it for money, there shouldn't be any problem.
I know at least 2 french audio podcasters who already made it several years ago.

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