Suggestion, adding another command to open the tables.

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1. gfriha,

When you play uno, you have to press C to know which card is in the table, and then press enter if you want to play, intercept, whatev. This last weeks it happened in some uno tables that people wanted to press C but pressed X and then enter so they oppened the table. Couldn't it be possible to do a double confirmation? Like in crazy party, that you have to press shift enter if you really want to give up. At least for uno, if you play really fast, I think it would be useful.

2. the-chaos,

good idea. having an option to set your own keystroke to end the games would be nice.

3. helleon,

Not a bad suggestion, but to be honest you could argue that one could make an error on the keyboard with whatever is implimented.

4. the-chaos,

Hello, the reason I asked for setting up your own keystroke is- one can set ctrl+shift+o to open the table. It would be kinda unlikely that there'd be such an error in this case, I think.

Latest edition by the-chaos, Apr 15 2021 09:19:46

5. lussy,

Hello guys! Yes, I totally agree with your ideas, but I would like to add some other things as well, like, the options you have for a table should be a little bit more varried. For example, in OnToys, they have a certain thing to leave, player setting system which helps you modify the status of the people and play with who ever you want, regardless of the fact that the person hasn't got spectator mode on and many others. They also provide you a give up function, along side with a hide table option. For this platform, I think it would not be quite good to add these both, as they don't bother the actual system, but it kind of includes some of the things mentioned above, in a way or an other. like, on OnToys hide=private and restart game=reset all player statuses to viewers, which, I think we can improve in here. It would be great for us to be able to give up, not to just leave or restart. Yes, on OnToys it is there because that platform is virtual currency based and that gives the toyses to the one that remains in game. Here it can add a victory to the stats. About hidden tables option, yes, it might be also ridiculous and unnecessary, because private tables aren't shown on the lists and you can't just hide the player itself. What I'm sure about is that I would kindly ask you to change the open table key, as x is next to c and if you press by mistake and do not even pay attention to the dialog box, you are doomed. These suggestions may or may not be taken in mind, as I previously said and Sorry for the lenghth of the message. Best regards!

6. Nikola,

for a long time I wanted to suggest giving up as a feature, but I've realized that this would be quite impractical on the Playroom.
I personally view Playroom and OnToys as very different. OnToys offers actual bets, even if they are virtual, so there giving up and ending the game with winners and losers is necessary, even if it totally doesn't make sense in some situations.
For example, what happens in a 4 person game of Hearts? One can't just give up in the middle and leave. You'd have to make giving up possible only between rounds, and even so, what happens when only 2 people are remaining? Who wins? On OnToys, this is solved by 2 people equally sharing the bet, but since there are no bets on the Playroom, this is quite useless. This complicates matters even further if we include team games. OnToys allows one member of a team to just give up and make the entire team lose, which is really not the right choice in my opinion, but again is also necessary for the kind of system they offer.
Now, imagine a game of Citadels, where you can't just lose a character in the middle of a turn, or potentially reduce the game to an unplayable state by somebody giving up.
In the end, this is only possible in a few games where you play 1 on 1 such as Backgammon, or in games where a person leaving doesn't affect anything such as Uno or 99.
What I would rather like to see is the ability to add a bot even while a game is in progress, possibly through the F2 menu. The reason is that there are a few games where a person leaving will just end the game, but this might not be what you want. For example, if a friend lost his connection, but you are already communicating with him outside of the Playroom and know he is working on returning, you could temporarily replace by a bot, wait for the person to return and replace back, while right now in a game such as 6 takes or Uno, the person just loses their spot unless you can find another player to temporarily wait at the table. Saving the table is an option here, but then you can't communicate with the rest of the table and let them know what's going on, so they would be waiting in the main room for a while without any updates on the situation.

Anyway, we unfortunately went quite off topic from the original concern, which is not a bad one. It has happened to me as well multiple times that I stopped a fast game of Uno, but over time I got used to it. It has even happened that I would leave the table entirely, since Q is close to 1, which is what I use for saying Uno. I suppose it might not be a bad idea to re consider this, perhaps making no the first item rather than yes might help, since you often press enter quickly afterwards.

Latest edition by Nikola, Apr 15 2021 11:19:09

7. lussy,

Yeah, about the give up thing, I think there should be a sellection of certain games that will support it.

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