Sugestion. Adding team chat.

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1. bogdanionut,

I don't know if this had been sugested before, but I think it would be a good ideea to add team chat for games that are played in teams. that way it will be much easier to comunicate with our team mates.
Thanks in advance!

2. Nikola,

Both this and just seeing your partner's cards was suggested, but no. You aren't supposed to cheat with your partner, neither in real life nor on the Playroom.
There is no way to detect this, but it at least can't be encouraged.

3. Aminiel,


For most games played in teams, you aren't supposed to talk about the game or your cards to your parthner. That's considered cheating.
IN general, you are supposed to guess what your parthner has or intent to do based on what he/she plays. That's all.

Of course, the playroom can't prevent talking to your parthner completely, but it doesn't make sense to encourage it, as there is currently no cooperative games where you are explicitely allowed to talk privatly.

4. dave,

i would like this implimented. i think it would be great to hear the people that we ahve been playing against for a long time. i don't think it will make any difference in the amount of cheeeting that goes on, the people that do it will cheet if there is voice chat or not. i also think it is a no brainer in the free tables. i'm sure many people as myself, would rather just talk then i vote yes to voice chatting on the playroom. dave

5. Nikola,

this isn't really about voice chat, it's about chatting with your partner during a team game, the same way you're already doing it, that is via text.
Although voice chatting was suggested already as well, and it's unfortunately something that requires paying to maintain as far as I understand.
Nowadays, there are many apps to do this, even web apps that don't require installing anything.

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