Suggestion: a new option in duck racing

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1. Azalea,

Hi! I’d like to propose a new option for the duck’ racing game. I thought that it could be chosen or not, like the speed challenges. I’d like to know what you think about it and if you think it would be possible to add it or not.
Let’s imagine that I’m at the 29th square of the game’s last lap. That means that if I get a 2 or more, I’ll win the game.
However, what I would like to propose is that, if I got a higher number tan the required for reaching the first square of the extra lap, which is considered the winning point, I went back the same number of squares as the extra points I got.
I give you an example, just in case it helps to understand what I mean: I’m at the 29th square and I get a 4. Then, I go ahead… 30, 1, or rather, lo what would be called 1, what would be winning with the current options. However, as I got 2 points more than the points I needed, I go back 2 squares: 30, 29. That is, I’d go back to where I am. It would be the same if, for instance, I’m at the 30th square and I have a big die that makes me get a 10: I’d goa head 1 square, the one that I have left for winning, but I also would go back 9 squares from it finishing at the 22th one.
I hope to have been able to explain my proposal and for sure, I hope you like it.
Enjoy your day!

2. Corona,

I like the idea a lot, it could give and interesting twist at the end of the game, and making it optional can help if there are people who doesn't like the idea, and activating it just if we want a bigger challenge.

3. Rayo.bgtr ,

Hello! I think it's a good idea, personally, I like it. It adds a more interesting touch to the game. wish it could be added, a greeting.

4. YNWA,

We have had this kind of topic before. The objective of the game is to get from A to B and if you are not good enough to win then so be it. Next someone will be suggesting if they go over the board they should carry on with a game of Monopoly. In this example if you roll a 4 and you need a 2 you would land on Community Chest!

I think if you want to change something then perhaps starting with a 6 at the beginning of a game could be more interesting or you have to get a 6 in order to move again if you lose all your feathers.

5. Azalea,

Hi again. First of all, thank you to Rayoh and Corona for supporting.
And, YNWA,, I suggested it because in some countries like Spain, the country where I live, there are board games similar to duck racing in which this rule is always activated.. So...No, it wouldn't be for other games, as I see it.
And I'm so sorry for propossing something you have talked about before. As you may imagine, I don't usually read the english forum. Thanks for you... Kindness?

6. pilote,

Thumbs up

7. Azalea,


8. YNWA,

I have added the topic where we were debating a similar suggestion.

On the original board you have a start line and have a finish line but not on the anniversary edition. In a race you start at the beginning and go until you pass the end mark. Giving a Spanish example for you. Fernando Alonso is racing in formula 1 and passes the finish line, he drives on a further 500m until he stops in his pit. He is not asked to go back and drive a further 500m to stop exactly on the finish line because he went too far. You could have other issues with your suggestion such as going backwards and landing on a card that sends you back over the line. If that was the case would you have to complete a further lap?

Usually we have two options with finnishing a game. Passing the finnish line and the second is finnishing on the exact number required. 1,000 miles is one example of this. You are on 975 miles and can only finnish with a 25 mile card.

9. Azalea,

Hi. First of all... Well, I understood your point without needing a... Sppanish example, but thank you for the time you have spent. I also see your opinion, and it's true that in a race you don't go backwards if you pass the finishing point, but as I said, I suggested this because it is an option in several board games. Maybe we also play them in Spain in Latin America, but <I don't think so.
Besides, the thing you said about 1000 miles would be great too. Maybe the option of going backwards is too ambicious, but maybe requiring the exact number for going ahead would be nice, too.
But well, I'm a realistic person and, keeping in mind that only 2 people of the spanish forum and another person who I thank a lot, only you have showed a kind of interest, so... OK, maybe this won't go far. It's a pity, as I see it, but... It was a posibility, for sure

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