Teams in Ducks race

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1. ogoniciel,

I propose to add the teams like 1000miles in the ducks race game. :)

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2. Aminiel,


No. There won't be teams. That's a race, so per defininition, individual.

Anyway, it would raise a serie of complicated questions:

Honnestly, I don't see any interesting improvement to the game, while there are quite controversial and not easy at all questions like those above.

So if you want to have teams in duck racing, please be more thorrough about what it could concretely bring to the game.

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3. YNWA,

In 1000 miles you are in a car, obviously people can be in a car and you all race to 1000 miles. In duck racing you are individual ducks so not possible to be in one duck! now that would be quackers!

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