Connect 4 move history

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1. Soundarya,

Hi, similar to chess, it would be interesting if shift h would give a list of the moves.
It would enable a late joiner spectating the game to figure out which move was played in which context.

2. Mastani ,

Sounds interesting. There's no point in just watching the board after joining. Looking at the moves would give the spectater a glims of the entire game.

3. Nikola,

On the contrary, in connect 4, just going over the board is enough to see the game state, since unlike in Chess, pieces do not move from one place to another.

4. Soundarya,

Yes, but often you want to know how the game progressed to a certain point. whether any chance was missed or a mistake was made, and you may like to work on your own strategies. For example, I think putting the first piece on d1 is better than a1. So one could probably learn more if he can get all the moves.

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