Play room turns into an app for the phone

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1. audio_gamer_2010,

Hello, I have a suggestion about a play room for the phone that’s inside an app, so would you either direct touch with self voice menus, or you would use voiceover just like on the web client, the web client is great, but it would be a little better if we had an app

2. The_Frisbee_of_Peace,

If you so much as skim through the forum, you will find many a topic in which this particular suggestion is addressed. The short version, at least to my understanding, is that the playroom will not be becoming any more cross-platform than it already is in the foreseeable future.

3. paul_mccartney,

Hi! yes, that's a good idea. I don't think aminiel is thinking on it because there are not anouncements or something like that... but I think an app can be very useful. Sometimes entering the website from android can be... a little dificult. or not, just I am a little lazy but well hahahaha. imagine you can go to your app list and click on playroom. it would be very easy.

4. Nikola,

some of the main problems regarding phones are:

Finally, if your only problem with the Web client is that you can't access it from the home screen like other apps, you can plac e a home screen shortcut to the Web client.
On Android, typically you will find this when opening the Web client under the more options menu, depending on the browser it could be called create shortcut, add to home screen or something similar.
On iOS, when on the Web client, activating the share button will give you an add to home screen option.
This is what I do, in practice is quite convenient.
There are Web client issues, and hopefully after the V3 is released, the web client will also receive some updates and it can be even better. Consuidering the amount of platforms where it works quite well though, it is impressive.

5. C-Kan ,

the only problem I see is browsing the message history. well, it's very difficult. any solution?
thank you!

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6. TheTechPianoPlayerKid,

I agree, having an app for this would be great. However, I think it would be a bit difficult because, well you have to make it compatible with iOS and other platforms, and other more stuff like coding like HTML probably, and more would be involved to get this in app form. I also wish this was available for Mac, since that is my main computer, but for school I mainly use windows. Anyway, from what I can see, I don't think there is going to be an app for this client for mobile devices to get from the AppStore/PlayStore anytime soon, but who knows. I have tried using the web based client, and it is a bit tricky in my opinion.

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