Duck Racing Suggestions

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1. RedHotCharliePepper,

An option I would like to see in the game is to have a turn timer like we have for the trivia questions. The default could probably be 20 seconds as well. If someone's time runs out during a challenge it could be treated the same as a bot. If it's their turn then an automatic roll happens.

Also if the number keys corresponding to the player's place could be used to see their stats could be helpful. Rather than a player having to listen to all of the stats for each player they could press 2, 3 or 4 to get the individual's stats. In this case 1 would be the same as C.

2. Nikola,

your second suggestion won't work, because the number keys are used to answer the speed or math challenges, if enabled.
However, something like shift plus numbers could work.

I had originally also wanted something like shift plus S to open a list of players, or display their position when targetting them with a card, but I have later on noticed that the scores are displayed on separate lines for each player.
So, what I usually do is press S, then simply ctrl plus page down to position the history buffer at the bottom, and use page up to read each player's scores one by one.

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