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1. Nikola,

there is something very strange when somebody leaves a permanent message discussion and several people have been confused by this.

In fact, if you are in a discussion with a friend, and he leaves the discussion, if you are online, you will be notified that you received a new message.
First, I don't think this notification is necessary at all, and it should be removed, but if that isn't possible the later part I am about to describe is even more confusing.
When you press F9 and open your inbox to check this new message, it will not say that the latest message is by the admin account, but will instead show the latest recipient.
Thus, several people have commented how they got new messages but can't find anything new in their inbox. Only when you actually go into the discussion, you will see the message by the admin account about the participant leaving.
So for example, if say Player 1 and player 2 are in a discussion, and player 1 sent a message, then player 2 left, in the list of permanent messages, it will show that the latest received message is from player 1.

If you could change this so that either the notification when somebody leaves a discussion isn't received as a new permanent message, or so that the list of permanent messages in your inbox at least reflects that the latest message in a discussion is by the admin account, as was I believe the case before, I think this would be much better.


Latest edition by Nikola, Jul 10 2021 21:34:56

2. Aminiel,


I have entirely disabled client notifications when someone leaves a private discussion.

I effectively recently changed the code so that admin is never mentionned as being the latest poster. This in parcular avoids the discussion to move up the recent list just because someone has left it, which is, in my opinion, totally useless. Both go together, so I don't want to change back as it was before.

Let me know if it's better now. Notifications should keep coming on invitation or kick.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Jul 11 2021 11:31:47

3. Nikola,

yes, this should be much better now.

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