A Duck racing suggestion, sound for dropped cards

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1. Nikola,

I have briefly mentioned this in the V3 topic as well, but it's probably a better idea to suggest it in it's own topic.

What do you think about the idea of having sounds when focused on a square with a dropped card? What I am talking about is when pressing V to look at the board and arrowing across it, play a short sound if the focused square has a card dropped on it.

Often you may be completely sure that there is a mine somewhere, but you forgot where exactly, so you have to listen to each square individually along with it's effect just to hear if a card is on it.
This way, you would just skim along the board, and when you hear a sound look at the square more closely to see what card is on it.

Also, if it is possible, when mentioning the card, mention who dropped it as well. As it stands, on the board view, it just says something like:
"1. On the line; Take 1 feathers; Tar stain"
In particular, this is problematic for cards like tar stain and oil stain, because you don't know who dropped them. It would be better if it said instead:
"1. On the line; Take 1 feathers; Tar stain (dropped by Nikola)"

Thanks for your considerations.

2. ashishchhetri,

Yes I agree with you this is good idea

3. Fawaz,

It can be quite handy when getting replaced too.

4. majoz,

Good one, agree and support.

5. Naday,

I like the idea as well.

6. Sajad-Aliraqi,


7. JMouse,

I do like this idea. Also, can we please have S provide a list of people and where they are instead of reading each, and every person out loud? I wanna be able to skim who is where at a fast payst rather than going through say if you're at a table of 7 to 8 players, S, as of right now, reads out every single little thing and you can't really skim unless you're going through your history, Let's face it. That's not really a solution either. because what if something happens in the middle of that. The list can be read out like this in order... BTW, first place, name of player, square X lap X of X. Would love for this to become a thing ASAP.

8. RedHotCharliePepper,

I like the sound for cards on the board as well as a shortcut key for hearing individuals stats. I think I suggested this before and using the history was a potential suggestion, but again shift-1, shift-2, etc. That way if I want to know where the 4th place player is I would hit shift-4 and hear their stats right away rather than bumbling around the history.

9. mazen,

I agree with this idea!

10. Mrityunjay,

I agree. how about we shorten the description like "square 1, tar stain(dropped by Nikola)" and assign a keystroke, say, g, to get the description of the square so that it says:
"1. On the line; Take 1 feathers; Tar stain (dropped by Nikola)."

Latest edition by Mrityunjay, Aug 9 2021 04:19:50

11. YNWA,

You may want to know what card is on what square but you don't need to know who has placed that card as it is not relevant to the game. If you land on a bomb dropped by yourself, Nikola or YNWA it makes no difference unfortunately.

12. Soundarya,

Actually Nicola illustrated the pertinence of the person who dropped. Cards that cause feathers or cards to be stolen are of special importance, you may not helix someone if you realise that although it may cause his terns to be skipped, it may give his feathers to someone who was previously unable to play cards due to a lack of feathers. In situations like these, it is important to know who is the recipient of the aforementioned feathers.

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