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1. SheWolf,

I would like to ask you, those responsible for validating new questions in the quiz party to validate them. Probably the limit of suggesting new questions had been reached, so we can't post new questions.
Plus, I would like to ask, whether it is not possible me to help with validating questions. I know that this game is mainly about volunteering and not everyone has time to sit here and manage this machinery.
Thus, If i could, i'll be glad to help at least with this thinks. Not sure whether i will need to research all questions whether they are right, but even if, I can do that.
Of course, I also have not everytime time to be here, but playroom needs more helpers no?
Anyways, it is just my suggestion. Have a nice time. Klara

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2. ashishchhetri,

My another suggestion is please add choose a catagory option in quiz game

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3. James_Ketchup ,

I think this already exists. You can choose from 3 categories at each round. Or am I misunderstanding?

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4. ashishchhetri,

Yes I know that, but if we want to play sports quiz we can't play sports quiz so add choose catagory option in set game menu

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5. Aminiel,


There aren't enough questions to make an entire game with a single category.

Additionally, this is a general culture / knowledge quiz game, not a specifically themed quiz. You can choose between three categories and not the whole 15 each time, and this is done on purpose.

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6. YNWA,

Quiz party is a 15 category game and as you know you choose 1 of 3 categories as Aminiel has already said. There would not be enough questions for just a sports game at the moment plus the sports would require their own category and Quiz party doesn't support that. People would want the same for other categories making it a very difficult task to do.

Questions have been validated but validation is only one part of Quiz Party. "new Questions" most of the questions we receive are not "new questions" in the true meaning of new and that's why we have so many repeats. When validating questions you have to check every question and they should meet our existing standards.

Validating starts with you and you have been able to do that since the launch of Quiz party. You can do that by checking questions you get when playing Quiz party or Duck racing. If you find errors you can press control G to flag up the question in Quiz party. Unfortunately, you are not able to do this for Duck racing, However, you can send the question to YNWA's in-box and those questions will be checked out.

The other way you do your own validating is when you send in Quiz party questions. You can check your spelling and even Google your own question to see what it makes of it. Fortunately now there are other websites or even quizzes on Youtube that have good questions so that is another way to find good questions if you are not so good at writing good questions in English. You can also see the questions we have validated and send in questions in the style you see in the games. The more errors there are in your question the more likely that not all of the errors will be found when validated. Imagine looking through 15 pages of 100 questions for just one category trying to find errors.

I have been going through every question looking for repeats/errors/poor choices as answers. I have gone through Literature, Music and now near the end of Cinema. So far I have found around about 75 repeats although a couple are in other categories. 90 to 95% are very good but even 5% of 18,600 or maybe the percentage is a bit less but still a lot of questions to improve upon. I would say from the evidence I have seen that Quiz party validators have done a very good job but have at times validated questions that were too difficult to validate, not wanting to let people down meaning even with their best efforts there were some bad errors left in some of the earlier questions we received. Maybe this lead to the odd question where a mistake has been made where I know 100% they would not normally make that error.

With losing Merlin last year and thinking about Corona it has made me think about Quiz party. I could have validated more questions and the numbers would be a lot less and I could have added more questions myself but I want to ensure whoever comes in after me has a very good database of questions and not left with a black whole where a lot of the earlier questions still need improving. Quiz party has been going for over 4 years and even in another 40 years time few of those questions would have not been flagged up. People have more than enough questions to be going on with so if some people have to wait a little longer for their questions to be validated then so be it. I see little point asking someone else to validate questions if It means I will have to look again at all the questions later to find they have made simlar errors to the ones we had at the beginning of Quiz party.

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7. paul_mccartney,

Hello all. I love this game, It should be great that you can try to pass an exam or something like that to be a validator. I think not everyone can validate, but with an exam the users can be carefully selected and in this way, we make the game bether helping in the validation. That's just an idea off course.

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8. YNWA,

As I said in the previous post those that send questions are our first validators. If a person questions need loads of correcting, put in the wrong category, select questions that are not good candidates for multiple choice, Have weak multiple choice options, chose some odd questions etc then I think you can clearly say they would not make a good validator.

It is unusual that you get questions where you have to do nothing. You can find good multiple choice questions on the internet now and I think more would be better off doing that instead of writing their own questions with many errors in them. the more errors the longer it takes to validate the question. Sometimes it is like a game where you have to try to guess what people are trying to say and that is difficult. Many times you have to delete their question write a new one and find options for their selection as they are not good, meaning you are praptically doing almost everything. I say it is quality not quantity but people do the opposite. The biggest issue is where people send in several questions at the same time as they have even more errors in them.

Remember this is not a paid job and once people see what is required of them they will soon change their mind about quiz validation. We really want people who have experience in writing multiple choice questions as they will have to do the job of the people who sent them in the first place.

Another reason as I said I validated less was because I have been going through all old questions to improve them. At the start we had at one point 1800 questions to validate so I think 225 is still not a great number to worry about. a number of those questions unfortunately were not validated well and that is why I am trying to sort them out now. It is also the reason I am more careful what I accept to validate because I know how difficult it is to try to correct things. I know if there are too many errors in the question the more likely you are to miss something.

Another Issue I found was usually question 1 is the answer but when they were sent in multiples via the form some were answer 2, 3 or 4. Some in our group did change some of the options and I found a small number of questions had the wrong option as the right answer. I am now changing everything as answer 1 to avoid confusion. For example I was looking to add a question about an earthworm but found there was 2 questions already. The problem was our earthworms had 10 eyes and 15 hearts. The number had been moved/changed for some reason as the correct answer was in the selections.

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