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1. Harry_Potter,

Hello, good day.
I would like to make a suggestion:
This consists, basically, in increasing the number of players allowed in one game of Uno. That because, at least on the Hispanic part, many times more than ten or twelve people want to play and it is not possible by the limitation imposed.
I understand that one of the problems to develop this would be regarding the number of cards in the deck, so I suggest that every two people from ten is added a letter from each one to compensate, or the entire deck duplicates directly. If the problem was another, it would be great to be clarified.
I appreciate answers, and I congratulate the developers for their work.

2. unolover,

that is a good idia

3. Harry_Potter,

Thanks for your opinion!
However, I would like to read that of more people to see what they think.

4. Azalea,

Yes it would be awesome!

5. magnumHurricane,

From what I hear though uno isn't stable enough for now to even be able to handle 10 players if the games are too fast, we wouldn't want to overload the server :) Would like a technical perspective on this one though so let's wait for aminiel to pitch in.
For the record, the suggestion as well as the solution seem sound enough to me.

6. Aminiel,


12 players is already more than enough, considering that there are already issues in a fast-passed games with 4 players.
Also, note that physically, you can't even play with that many people (9 or 10 is the maximum to make sure there are enough cards in all situations).

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