please increase the friends list limit

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1. dragonoid,

can you please increase the friends list limit or completely get it away? And possibly even the friend requests sending limit too

2. Mohammedradwan2003,


3. StormProductions,

Oh yes. Totally agreed.

4. talanflame,

yes I agree as well.

5. delmar-barry,

Why would anyone need it anyway? Friends' list is for your friends, not for random people you see here only once and then you feel the urge to send a request because it looks so fancy and great to have a million friends.

6. StormProductions,

Well, that's not an excuse. Having as many friends as you want is your right and thus should not be limited.

7. the-chaos,

the limit makes sense. have only the people you interact with, simple. you don't need everyone.

8. Nikola,

honestly if you don't need many people in your friends list, that is completely fine.
The limit doesn't bother you at all, so even if it was lower you simply wouldn't be interested.
That being said, in the same sense, if it was higher, that wouldn't bother you either and it wouldn't change anything, unless you are forced to add 200 people to your list, which is clearly not going to be the case.
SO this is one of the things where I see disagreeing as completely pointless, since it's something optional that you will use as required.

You should realize that people who reached the 200 mark often have a good reason to do so.
Maybe you have people who play typically unpopular games, for example 30 people playing Citadels, Spades, and other games requiring a fixed number of people where it's a good idea to often have a certain group of players to invite.
I don't think people are just adding each other at random.

Another final factor to consider is that the Playroom is always expanding, and grows bigger and bigger day by day.
When 100 was enough in the beginning, then it was increased to 200, and it might be worth considering that 200 isn't enough anymore.
Thanks to the unfortunate pandemic, many people are spending much more time online than usual, and so the Playroom has also received some new users as a result.

9. StormProductions,

Fully agreed with Nikola. We never know how many people we can meet and how many friends we can actually make.

10. talanflame,

yeah true. I also agree with Nikola.

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