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suggest modification on next and previous page.

unicornioAzul 3 sky360,

WASM bots on Web Playroom

Moriarty 0 Moriarty,

suggestion, creation of ranking in the games of the playroom

EnzoFernandez 3 Nikola,

status character limit is very less

aakash 7 Arya_Stark,

Mobile/Web Duck Racing Bugs

Sentinel 4 Rizwan,

I wish we had scrabble here

His-girlfriend 15 Naday,

suggestion for a new game: Elements of nature!

dragonoid 7 codbro,

A Suggestion for Backgammon

omeed 1 YNWA,

Better "friend" invitations

Mortem 6 Mortem,

about leaving on the table in chess at the middle of the game

El-Jhon 4 sopralto,

Comments on Recent Changes to Duck Racing challenges

RedHotCharliePepper 4 Nikola,

Changing disconnection notifications and spades bidding

Ryo-Bee 1 TheChaos,

Suggestion about the maximum amount of players in games

Nikola 10 Aminiel,

Suggestion for makeing streams accessible in web client

Rizwan 1 breaker,

Adjust game sppeed in play room...

breaker 0 breaker,

Changes in Duck Racing

RedHotCharliePepper 3 RedHotCharliePepper,

speed of duck challenge

ProjectZ 1 Aminiel,

A simple feature with languages

Urh2006 2 Urh2006,

Query about chess abandon

El-Jhon 2 Aminiel,

Cribbage marking points suggestion

Vojvoda 5 Aminiel,

New fun game

Epic_Krrish 4 aims,

Have a question about uno

eylulforreal 4 Aminiel,

suggestion of a new game

codbro 3 No-Time-no-Musume,

a suggestion for sounds in playroom.

unicornioAzul 8 dragonoid,

new game

codbro 0 codbro,

Suggestions For Duck Racing

RedHotCharliePepper 1 codbro,

Any possibility we might be getting bingo?

AliColak 4 Nikola,

Turkish translation

goodbye_my_love 10 Mohammedradwan2003,

Suggestion of two new games

No-Time-no-Musume 3 YNWA,

allow other players to start audio streams

TheEvilChocolateCookie 4 imprisonedindarkness,

Suggestion: that the permanent messages are not closed

Markk 13 unicornioAzul ,

Bots are a bit too slow on shut the boxes

lucy_light 1 unolover,

Add support for ZDSR API, the API for the new PC ScreenReader made in China

Aiden 11 Aiden,

suggestion a grouping chat.

unicornioAzul 8 El_escudero_del_rey,

Quiz Party Statistics

Isaac5457 1 YNWA,

Suggestion with the pages in the topics

Arya_Stark 6 lucy_light,

Friends Functionality On The Playroom

Isaac5457 1 Nikola,

Suggestions for chess and backgammon

omeed 3 Spongebob,

Optimization problems in play room mobile web app

breaker 5 breaker,

Scopa Suggestions

Isaac5457 0 Isaac5457,


Naday 3 KittyCat15,

Chain Reaction: A strategy game for 2 to 8 players.

Spongebob 4 majoz,

Harry Potter/Percy Jackson game

SugarQueen 2 SheWolf,

navigating the forum

SugarQueen 1 Snake_Eyes,

Disable announcements of activity in other tables

Rich_Beardsley 4 Rich_Beardsley,

99 suggestion

Vojvoda 6 SugarQueen,

suggestion for streaming files at tables

KittyCat15 3 aims,

tip: edit forum posts from the windows client

mejunjosio 3 Spongebob,

suggestion about the game of uno

mejunjosio 0 mejunjosio ,

quiz party suggestion

Rory101 30 YNWA,

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