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31. free-flying-bird,

2 issues I discovered.

  1. Hold down your laptop manufacturer's volume key. On my HP, if I hold function f7, or function f8, the playroom client will literally crash. I understand with keys like enter, it may well be an intentional feature, but things shouldn't happen while one is trying to adjust hardware settings, such as brightness, volume, etc.
  2. If one clicks on join a table, they cannot toggle spectator in the game list or the table list, one must escape all the way back to the main room, or enter on a table then enable spectator.

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32. James_Ketchup ,

Another bug I recently found. When the keys shift H and shift P are pressed in this order during uno, it crashes the client. If you try to press enter quick to relaunch the client, it displays a message saying that it could not connect to the website or something similar. So sorry, I don't remember the entire message.

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33. StormProductions,


I would also love to see the soundpacks added. I have created a soundpack in the past and now I can't use it, and that's kind of sad. I mean, you work on something and then the dev restricts you from using that thing you worked on. Doesn't feel that good, my opinion.

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34. Aminiel,


Just to let you know that the beta has been updated to version 2.99.30. The changelog is in the updated first post.

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35. No-Time-no-Musume,


I finally got to check this new version a few moments ago. Let me give some feedback from a sighted user perspective.

1. I noticed the playroom now has its own icon with 3 colored blocks! Nothing fancy, but simple things generally serve the best.

2. The playroom shouted at me after starting it, so since I am not a loud sounds fan, I went to the audio settings to mute it. When I click at one of the options, it displays some context menu, no matter whether I use left or right button of my touchpad (or mouse), which has only 3 options - disable, automatic audio output and my speakers to select. I cannot seem to be able to adjust the sound level at this moment, so I click elsewhere, which leads to 2 error messages (bellow). After closing both of them by pressing continue I have the item finally selected and I can adjust the volume by left and right arrow. I think displaying the context menu only when using the right button would be enough.

Error messages:
A debugging check in this application has failed.
../../src/common/wincmn.cpp(3366) ""Assert failure"" failed in ReleaseMouse(): Releasing mouse in 00cbb608(wxHVScrolledWindow) but it is not captured
Stop Continue

../../src/common/wincmn.cpp(3385): assert ""!wxMouseCapture::stack.empty()"" failed in ReleaseMouse(): Releasing mouse capture but capture stack empty?

3. I get the same error messages when going to appearance - colours and I select to use predefined colours (which does nothing otherwise), or when I select a color to edit and then I close the selection window. Or when selecting font and then closing the settings window. It seems to be some general problem.

4. I cannot seem to find the option to change the white background color anymore. Note that the default pure white background is pretty ugly, so I prefer to change it to a color close to the web background color. Setting the client background color to the one on the web by default might be a good option.

5. The new function to actually hide undesired chat types seems to really work. It's definitely a good start. I just didn't investigate it so deeply yet, so I wonder: Is there any other way to change it than going to the settings? For example I might want to see certain messages at certain times, but later I'd like to hide them and see some other kinds instead, without leaving a table. Also I am looking forward to see this on the web client as well, one day.

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36. bash,

I want to suggest that the final release of the client, which would hopefully be an installer, should also copy the settings from the previous version. for instance right now I have several sounds muted, privacy settings, saving logs to a specific location, etc. would be glad to see it's implementation! :)

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37. Nikola,

Hi @Aminiel,
thanks for the update and for some great fixes! So far, things work as expected, except:
I've recently tried games with client based bots for the first time in V3, and while Connect 4 seems to work just fine, Reversi seems to be having major issues.
While playing on insane, after 5 to 6 turns, the bot starts being extremely slow. It could take up to a minute for a turn to be completed.
Is this normal? I haven't really experienced this in V2. Here is a history where I also comment after which turn the bot started playing slowly:

The game is starting.
Moves that don't capture any piece are allowed.
Skipping turns is allowed even if there is possibilities to play.
It's your turn.
Token at D4 is returned.
You play at D3.
It's The blond's turn.
Token at D4 is returned.
The blond plays at C3.
It's your turn.
Token at E5 is returned.
You play at E6.
It's The blond's turn.
Token at D3 is returned.
The blond plays at E3.
It's your turn.
Token at D4 is returned.
You play at C4.
It's The blond's turn.
Token at C4 is returned.
Token at D4 is returned.
The blond plays at C5.
It's your turn.
You play at C6.
It's The blond's turn.
Token at E4 is returned.
The blond plays at F4.
It's your turn.
Token at E4 is returned.
You play at F3.
It's The blond's turn.
Tokens at E6, E5 and E4 are returned.
The blond plays at E7.
It's your turn.
You play at E8.
It's The blond's turn.
The blond plays at D8.
It's your turn.
Token at D8 is returned.
You play at C8.
It's The blond's turn.
// This is where the bot took more than 30 seconds to play a turn.
The blond plays at F8.
It's your turn.
Token at E6 is returned.
You play at F7.
It's The blond's turn.
Token at F3 is returned.
The blond plays at F2.
It's your turn.

And so on, after every turn it continued being even slower.
Eventually, close to the end of the game it got better and the bot started playing normally, but this is quite random as it seems.
In the next game I played, it remained slow until the end.

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38. Aminiel,


Thank you for your feedbacks.

Sorry, no, your settings won't be copied

I'll try to investigate what I can


Point 2 and 3: I found the issue, it will be fixed in next update. That's very nice that sighted people also test, thank you !

Point4: I removed the option to choose a background color, because I'm now taking windows defaults. If it isn't satisfactory, I'll try to bring the option back.
What is web background color ? CAn you explain ?

Point 5: Unfortunately, no, I think there won't be another way.
How can I guess when you want which kind of messages, and when/which you don't ? Do you have an example ?

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39. Nikola,

Hmmm, I have a weird issue. I say weird because this is now happening under V2 as well, although I don't think it was the case before, so maybe it's a server issue related to some change in V3.
When there is an audio stream on a table, even if you didn't play the stream at all, leaving or saving the table causes the stream to start for a second and then fade out.
Normally, it should fade out only if you were actually listening to the stream while leaving. The same also happens when saving a table.

Now, for one V3 specific issue I wanted to report.
The state of checkboxes in general settings seems to be very strange. Try the following:
Open options, then general settings. By default, automatically save histories is unchecked. Press enter to check it.
In my case, the checkbox still reports as unchecked. To see the change, it's necessary to go back, then return to general settings.
The same happens when changing the histories saving location.
This can actually be quite confusing for some users, that's why I report it as a bug. Two people have already messaged me to ask if automatic saving of histories works for me, thinking that the option didn't turn on at all and trying to press enter on the checkbox multiple times to enable it, thus toggling the option back off by mistake, since the program successfully updates the state of the setting, it just doesn't report it in the menu.

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40. No-Time-no-Musume,


a. As for the background color, I wonder what actually is windows default. I checked my windows settings to be sure, and in adjustment-colors (or however it is called in other languages) I am using the "dark" option, and some blue as motive color, so the windows bottom layer is dark blue, the system settings window is black, file explorer is in shades of dark gray, whatever else recognizes this is also dark. And, new playroom client background is white. So, either there is something broken, or the "windows default" is actually set to "(ugly) white" no matter of the conditions.

b. In reading and appearance and colors, the options Use predefined colors for light/whitt background or the same for "dark/black" actually does totally nothing (only opens confirmation message and then the 2 already reported errors). I thought it would at least restore default settings, but I changed "Color 16: Blue 3" to actually be pink to test, and nothing happened. And what's more, selecting even "Restore default configuration" did not change a thing. I don't know if this is because of the portable version, but it seems to save the settings between sessions otherwise.

c. Note that the pure white background is actually difficult to look at, and may cause headache sooner or later (you could compare it to a high pitched voice reading your messages). Making at least light and dark version to choose from might be an option (and then I'd probably go for dark), yet since we can choose all the other colors of all the other items, it would be good to be able to choose the background color as well. I'd suggest making few default options to choose from, for example - light theme, dark theme, the website-like theme and an option to create your own. Maybe it was meant this way with the option described above, which doesn't work.

d. The website background color could be described as light blueish or greenish, maybe turquoise? I think the simplest way to describe it (especially for blinds) is by a RGB code, which must be somewhere in the website code, but I checked with some graphics program and it's "ddeeffff" in RGBA, standard, where A seems to be some transparency option (which is set at max anyways, so no transparency, omit the last 2 f for a 6 characters RGB code). It may seem a bit retro for some people, but I quite like it, and it's easy to look at.

e. As for the undesired message hiding, I actually figured out it could be changed from a table simply by opening settings by F10 (I am not really a hotkey person, I cannot seem to remember many hotkeys), which may work, but it is not very practical. But what I meant is basically hidden in reading and appearance - views. From what I heard, you can change the views by pressing alt + f1-fx (correct me if I am wrong) and filter for example only private messages, while in a table where the table discussion makes it difficult to keep in track of the private chat, but you don't want to leave the table for some reasons (you may want to read the table history later for example). I'd just like such an option accessible to sighted people as well. It may be a bit easier for a sighted person to orientate in a mess of different chats compared to blinds, given that the different types have different text color (which they do), but only to a certain extend. We are not superheroes.

f. I heard there are also some graphics changes in some games. I am actually curious about them, but at the same time not in a mood to play games right now. But I might get to it sooner or later, especially if the overal look of the client becomes satisfactory. :)

g. Edit: I just tested the "minimize to taskbar" function. It works, it's there, just it's pretty invisible - unlike other programs, that have a small icon, this appears only as an empty square that says "QuentinC Gameroom [username]" when I move my cursor over it.

Anyways thank you for your hard work and patience.

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41. Shell,

Found another bug. When hitting ctrl s to save, it freezes for a few minutes instead of saving instantly as it did before and tries to stream the song. After it does this, it plays a short 1 second snippet of said song then saves. This I have so far observed only on a free table.

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42. YNWA,

To me the way the PR was set up in version 2 was good enough but version 3 is paler so harder for me to see (less clearer). I couldn't read the writing but could see the layout. That was useful because I could see PM messages or a warning the PR would reboot in red if I came back to the computer after a break.

Google didn't do too badly did they? they use a white background with black writing as do many websites such as the BBC and even notepad is the same, but I do feel users do need alternatives. I know there are some players who don't use screen readers so those users would need to be able to change things quickly so i think some pre-selected options I think would help. Eye conditions vary so what is good for one person may not be good for others. I know from my college days that a black background with a yellow/white foreground was quite popular, it could make a big difference to quite a number of people.

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43. Shell,

As a clarification and extention to my previous post; this bug occurs even if you attempt to quit said table. By song I meant whatever is being streamed on the table by the way. Also, is it just me or while typing posts there's considerablly less text per line than before? Also I just tried to post on this topic about 2 minutes ago, and it did not work and all I got as output was "exception." I then had to cancel, and try it again.

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44. gfriha,

My English is not that good but I'll try to explain a problem that I have.
When playing uno if I play a card, my screen reader keeps reading the card I played for some seconds until it reads the correct one. You can move with the arrows to the other ones but for me it's confussing to ear something and to know that I have another something and can't play correctly.
Also... Don't know why the normal client those days is working a bit slow.

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45. Fawaz,

some feedbacks:
normal client is a bit slower for me too, however,
another thing i was experiencing last day was the lag when leaving ft, either by control J or with q, the lag was there.
certainly I have the issue with the cursor in uno too, but iDK how to explain it, hard to track it down when playing too fast.
but sometimes when playing few skips, or something, it leaves one behind and plays the card below it such as a draw2.
what annoys me the most is the system menu showing up when hitting alt, especially for someone changing the keyboard language so frequently.
another thing is the score edit box increasing by 1 when hitting uparrow, especially in cribbage, I used to use up arrow to read what I have written, however, now it just increases by one, I think it wasn't there before.
it would be nice to have the beep back on the selected card in cribbage.

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46. YNWA,

The score edit boxes go up or down when you move your arrow keys so this is not an error. You get these boxes on many website forms, the best example is when you select your date of birth. 1 to 31 and Jan to Nov etc. If you were playing Spades for example it would start at 300 and increase at 301 then 302 you could go down 299, 298 etc. Not sure the value of increasing by one in a game such as spades but I am sure they can be worked on to fit each game's needs.

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47. Fawaz,

I didn't say its an error, I just said it annoys me.

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48. Aminiel,


Just to let you know that version 2.99.32 is out.

I don't observe any problem with streams, neither in 2.99.30 or 2.99.32. For me streams always fade out and stop when I save or quit a table.

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49. Nikola,

Hey Aminiel,
the problem with streams isn't what you described. Indeed, when you leave a table with a stream playing, everything works correctly.
However, try the following. Join a free table with an audio stream, but don't play it at all.
Press Q and choose yes to leave. For me, the stream starts for a second, then fades out, even though I wasn't listening to it at all.
This is the problem I was trying to describe in my previous post, as well as Godfather. It should fade out only if you were already listening to it, not if it was completely stopped.
Edit: IN 2.99.32, the checkboxes issue in the general settings is fixed, but at least with NVDA, now when you press enter on one, nothing is announced, so you have to read the list item again to know that it's indeed now unchecked. This isn't a big issue though and if it can't be resolved without causing other problems, that's ok. At least the state does now update correctly.
Note also that the shortcut shift f6 to open audio settings doesn't do anything at the moment. This isn't new in this version, as far as I'm aware it was like this since the first beta.

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50. Vojvoda,

Hello Aminiel, would it be possible that control backspace does not write some useless simbol but rather deletes the last word you wrote?

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51. Nikola,

I wanted to suggest something in regards to adjusting sound volumes. Would it be possible that by default, each time the client is started, the streams volume is focused so F7 and F8 adjust this by default, rather than sound volume?
I feel like sounds and notifications aren't something you adjust all the time contrary to streams. Also, if you had audio streams configured at a very high volume, it might be difficult to hear your screen reader and find the streams option with F6 to adjust it, while sounds never play constantly so this should always be accessible and easy.
Alternatively, it could also remember your last position, so if you were adjusting the stream volume, even after restarting stream volume would remain focused, same for sounds or notifications, depending on how hard any of this is to implement.
At least for me personally, I adjust sounds and notifications once then forget about it, while I often change the stream volume depending on the audio played, so having this as the default setting when pressing F7 and F8 would be very nice.
Also speaking about audio, would it be possible in V3 to finally have different sounds for received private messages and invitations?


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52. Aminiel,

OK, got it for streams. It will be fixed in next update.

It seems like all my wxWidgets-based applications are affected, not only the playroom. I sent the question to wx users forum because at present I don't understand what's causing this.

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53. Qais,

hi, it would be great to keep the lines when copy a multi-line message using control space. currently, it removes all the lines and make the whole pegraph as one line. even the inbox, all lines merge into one. thanks.

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54. Aminiel,


Just to let you know that the beta has been updated to version 2.99.33. Changes are in first post as usual.

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55. No-Time-no-Musume,


That's nice that there is a new version, I have only one problem with it - I cannot seem to be able to download it at all - the link on the first post doesn't seem to be doing anything, so I'd appreciate if the download link was updated as well. Thank you.

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56. Qais,

hello, thank you for this update.
@ Dracula-Vampira, the link works, try copy and paste it into the address bar of your browser, or the download manager.

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57. No-Time-no-Musume,

Clicking on the link directly nor "open in new tab" option doesn't do anything, but copy and paste seems to work. Weird. Anyways thank you, Qais.

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58. Nikola,

regarding streams, I am not sure what's the behaviour you intended, but the entire fade out is now gone. The stream no longer fades out when you press ctrl P to stop it, nor when leaving or saving a table.
The original bug I reported where it starts playing briefly even if you weren't listening when you leave a table is now fixed though, but the fading out was quite nice and I'm hoping this is just an unintended bug.

Regarding the Reversi AI, I'll need to do some further testing to confirm, but it seems that it's now much worse. When it comes to the speed everything is ok, but that's only because on insane, it seems to just play the first available move on the board without any strategy. I was able to beat it 60 to 4 without too much effort, which was quite a challenge with the previous AI. The only thing that comes to my mind is that the AI doesn't work well with the rules of allowing free play on the board and skipping turns.

Edit: I have also noticed another bug, when using left and right arrows in a card game that supports this to navigate between suits, the newly focused card is not announced.

The restore default configuration option also still doesn't work correctly. This time, a dialog to confirm does appear, but when pressing yes, it doesn't restore the default configuration, rather it restores your last saved settings.

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59. LiteraryProgrammer,

Hello, I request to support version command of Jaws. It requires editing executable properties to give to the software that request for it.

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60. Aminiel,

Nikola, it indeed appears that I broke something in the reversi AI with the latest beta. Currently it plays almost completely at random, so obviously it's very quick. It will be fixed in the next version. Thank you for analyzing.

I led two bots make a game together in insane difficulty, and now, the longest move took 23 seconds (70 millions moves analyzed around the 40th move), while the average is around 7 or 8 seconds. That's better than before I think, and now it does no longer play random.

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