There's a bug in the Go beta game

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1. ckimnbay,

When I create a game of Go Beta with a bot, I get the following error message when it's the robot's turn to play.

GNU Go error: -9. Please post bug on the forum with relevant information from file debug.txt / Veuillez poster ce bug sur le forum avec les informations utiles présentes dans le fichier debug.txt

Please get back to me whenever you can. This sounds like it'll be a good game, and I don't like creating a game and finding a decent bot to play with, only to discover that the game has a bug in it. However, I do understand that game developers are only human, too, so I'm not criticizing you. It's just a bug report, not an attempt to flame or bash anyone. Please don't take this comment as flaming or bashing. If it's one thing I hate, it's when I give someone feedback about something, and they make a mountain out of a mole hill, and the next thing I know, I've got an irate email from someone who obviously cannot take constructive criticism or advice. Thanks, and I'm sorry for being long-winded. No one likes posts that are too wordy and verbose.

2. Nikola,

just like this message tells you, please look at your debug.txt file and paste the relevant parts, specifically the ones mentioning Gnugo. That will I believe help to better understand the error.
If you create a game, add a bot, start and reproduce this error, the relevant information required to help understand it better should be near the bottom of the debug file.

You can find the debug.txt file in your user folder\appdata\roaming\QCGCWX30
additionally, in your start menu, under Quentin C's gameroom there should be an explore parameters shortcut that will directly take you to this folder.

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