repeating updating qc over and over again?

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1. mikeSethreth,

hay there fokes. so I got the beta of qc. didn't hvae this problem before but I have to update every time qc launches, and when I check the version it didn't change for some reason. is this a bug or a set of updates?

2. James_Ketchup ,

I think you keep on launching the incorrect file. The last beta that was an installer and the official v3 release have the same names so you could be launching the incorrect one. I'd suggest deleting the shortcut for the last beta from your desktop or whereever it is to avoid the confusion.

3. Nikola,

first, there were definitely no new updates ever since 3.0.2, on September 29th.

As James said, you probably keep launching the same beta version by mistake and getting the prompt to update to stable. There is no longer a need to download a beta version, since the beta version still on the site just downloads an older 3.0.1 previously used for testing purposes.

I suggest either doing what James already said, or if for some reason that fails, uninstall all Playrooms and download the latest stable 3.0.2 from the quick links section of the Website, or directly at

4. mikeSethreth,

hay guys, thanks for the help. I will do as you said, and most likely it will work with no problems

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