Two new games for a great day

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31. YNWA,

A board game is a tabletop game that involves counters or pieces moved or placed on a pre-marked surface or "board", according to a set of rules. Some games are based on pure strategy, but many contain an element of chance; and some are purely chance, with no element of skill. Wikipedia

32. deathdragon,

boring. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

33. YNWA,

Happy birthday Aminiel and I hope you have had a nice day.

Connect 4 is classified as a board game even though it has no board.

Some games such as Monopoly I already knew but games such as Scopa was totally new to me when I came to the PR. Maybe Bouillabaisse my favourite but I love many games here.

34. Areyana,

hello aminiel and happy birthday to you i wish you all the best in all life time, and wish you a happy birthday , sorry for not seeing this ealier forgive me , and thanx for all you kinds ,, i spend all nice time here with friends ,, god bless ya.

35. deathdragon,

so excited for theese new games like most other people on here. Thanks amineal everyone apriciateswhat your hard work in to this platform.

36. florianionascu7,

Hello Aminiel, I wish you a happy birthday!

37. Aminiel,

Thank you for your messages, they give me a great pleasure !

The release is going to be on Friday, 12th of October.

Here are a few additional clues to help you wait until then.

The name of the first game:

And for the second game:

38. Vojvoda ,

Question: are they really pieces or coins maybe?

39. Lemonade,


40. Nikola,

Or maybe ducks

41. Adventure-Time,

Ducks were the very first thing I thought of, but I didn't want to repeat myself. :D

Latest edition by Adventure-Time, Oct 8 2018 12:44:59

42. Piciok,

1 =Carcassonne? Yay!

43. Adventure-Time,

I wish. But that word ain't plural I guess. And if I'm not mistaken, the first letters are C I. Is there a board game called cities? Or citizens? Cinemas? That last one's so fitting to the medieval context. :D

44. Piciok,

Oops, totally missed the I after the C. Sounds like Citadels then...

45. Nikola,

Yeah I thought about medieval too, and the only thing I came up with was something having to do with cities or civilizations. Looked on the French forum too and the first game also starts with c i, but the second one is with T so that's yet another clue. In any case, I like this where Aminiel gives us clues before a new game is released and hope it will happen more often.

46. Mazdak ,

Wondered why the zanzibar still remained in the beta step after long time of releasing it?

47. Nikola,

There's at least one bug I know of, which is that 2 identical combinations don't beat each other. In any case, that isn't very relevant to this discussion.

48. Aminiel,

Question: are they really pieces or coins maybe?



Sort of

Or maybe ducks


49. RadioPierpaolo,

I'm very excited for these two new games! We attend the 12th of October!

50. Vojvoda ,

Pieces like dominos?

51. Lemonade,

My money is going on civilizations. Though I don't know if that's a game.

52. Aminiel,

Pieces like dominos?

It's getting hot

My money is going on civilizations. Though I don't know if that's a game.

Honnestly I really would like it to be civilizations, but sadly it is not.

I believe that there exists an adaptation in board game, but it's mainly a videogame. A great videogame... but extremely complex.

For those who don't know, it's a bit like SoundRTS, and it is more like Time of Comflict, except that you have much more possibilities. You can win by destroying all enemy bases, but also by being the first to send a rocket to the moon, or by converting the majority of the world to your religion... you must master political regimes otherwise your own people become frustrated and kick you out... etc.

The conceptors even based their game on real studies in order to give various advantages or disavantages to your civilization depending on which religion, political regime or economic system you choose.

Of course it isn't accessible. I would love to see an accessible adaptation

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 9 2018 22:59:58

53. musiclover,

at what time

54. Aminiel,

at what time

Probably at 21 or 22 PM, Paris time, this makes 20 or 21 PM in U.K. and between 14 and 17 PM in America depending on where you live.

55. Lemonade,

Fun times, I'll try to be there!

56. YNWA,

Plot, scheme, and deceive as you build fantastical cities in Citadels, Bruno Faidutti's classic game of card drafting, intrigue, and cunning characters. In Citadels, two to eight players must shrewdly draft characters and use their abilities to create the best city possible. This edition includes all the content from the previous editions by Fantasy Flight Games, along with nine new characters and twelve new districts developed by the original designer. Updated graphic design and all-new art brings to life a vast kingdom rich in diversity and filled with possibilities.

57. javino ,

happy belated birthday, aminiel! sorry for not coming earlier.
i'll be tuned for the new games. i take advantage of this message to suggest some kind of new game for future updates. a word game, such as anagram or something.

58. YNWA,

Anagrams would be an individual game although it could be possible to have 10 points say the first player then pass over to the second and so on. Scrabble Aminiel has already commented on Scrabble but interestingly I did see in a book shop the size of a scrabble English Dictionary and it was very thick, god knows how many braille volumes that would be. I think they said they added 300 or 3000 new words but I was not listening properly to the radio for the 2018 version, the point is for all the languages in the PR it would prove to be expensive to get hold of an electronic version for all of them.

59. Aminiel,

Good proposition, but sorry; this isn't a word game.

I find it funny, I thought that the first game would be much harder to guess than the second one, and a few people found the first game but nobody has yet found the second.

So here's another clue for the second game: it's probably anglo-saxon.

Go go go, still a little more than 24 hours do find it !

60. Riad,

Just wanted to clarify something Aminiel might have missed while translating. The French "citadelles" becomes "citadels" in English, although both words are pronounced the same way in both languages (except the unpronounceable S for plurals in French). Other than that, I'm super excited to check out both games.

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