Two new games for a great day

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61. YNWA,

There was not many board games with one word beginning with Ci the third letter could be Civ, cit, or circleswhich was a spy game.

Talking of a Dominos game from England the Pub traditional game is 3s and 5s that would be good to include. When I first came here I tried to play it that way without looking at the rules.

How it works is is you add both ends together. If you have the Left end domino 1 and the right end domino 2 you would score 1 point as 2 + 1 = 3 (1 times 3 =3)

if the next player had a 1/4 and 2/6 as playable dominos you would only choose to play the 1/4 as both ends would total 6 giving 2 times 3 =2 points. You would get nothing for the 5 as 6 divided 5 would not work for this game.

if you played the 2/6 you would have both ends as 6 + 1 giving 7 does not divide into 3 or 5.

the best options would be both ends equalling 15 (perhaps a 6/6 and a 3)

3 times 5 =15 so 5 points +
5 times 3 = 15 so 3 points

as you can score from 3 and a 5 you get a total of 8 points for that turn.

You lose a point for each domino you fail to put down at the end of the round. I.e. when someone has gone out or everybody is unable to play. If you can't play you draw a domino as we do now.

Latest edition by YNWA, Oct 11 2018 22:52:40

62. Nikola,

what is the players count for citadels? Also, are there going to be bots? Was just curious.

63. Aminiel,

Just wanted to clarify something Aminiel might have missed while translating. The French "citadelles" becomes "citadels" in English

Thank you, I were going to do the misstake.

what is the players count for citadels? Also, are there going to be bots? Was just curious.

Player count is from 3 to 7 and yes, there will be bots.

Rules for Citadels are online:

@YNWA: this game seems interesting, do you know its name ? This might be for next time.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 12 2018 05:26:55

64. YNWA,

I think 3's and 5's but will try to find something better, I was taught it at school by a teacher a long time ago now.

65. Nikola,

just some typos in the rules, thought I'd mention them before the release.
On the heading quarters, the sentence is as follows:
IF there is a power, it is in principle usable once per turn, as long as the quarter stays built; if the quarter is destroyed, the brough power is lost.
I assume you were going to write brought instead of brough?
On the heading called game turns, the word player is repeated twice in this sentence:
2. Then, each player player plays their chosen character;
the characters are always played in a fixed predefined order.
On the heading victory and end of the game:
The game ends when a player has reached the number of built quarters fixed at the beginning of the game, in principle 8; 6 or 7 for quickier games, up to 12 or even 14 for longer games or with less players.
Quickier should be quicker.
That's all I've found for now, looking forward to trying this game out which seems very interesting.

66. YNWA,

Here is the link for the rules and I got the name of the game the wrong way round and I had forgotten some of the rules. It is interesting that the person talks of 1985 as I had played the game first in 1988 and yes a very long time ago. It is possible for you to do this game and with bigger dominos it would be very interesting. They talk of using a Cribbage board but at school we used a Scrabble scoreboard. I did not realise it was played in teams. Pips are dots so a double 6 would be 12 pips.

67. sukil,

I have no idea, and I can say I've read the "jeu de société" and "Board game" articles (and some of their links!) in Wikipedia. Also, I can't find any anglo-saxon game. The only ancient European game which survives to this day is Tabul (or something like that) which won't qualify.

68. YNWA,

There were a few other small errors but I can get the sense of things and more importantly is I am looking forward to trying out the new games. I am not sure it is useful to say there is an error hear and an error there, If you have the time to improve things then just post the whole thing again with the necessary amendments.

69. Glein ,

Mexican Train

70. YNWA,

Yes Originally an idea from 2 Chinese games but there is a claim that the game was Cuban but nobody completely sure.

71. Lemonade,

Congratulations for the releasing of the new games!

72. YNWA,

Yes congratulations, looking at Citadels now, noticed one thing warlor should be warlord.

73. Nikola,

Congrats for the new games!

74. YNWA,

Aminiel we need a new bot for Citadels it is called Thomas the Becket so we can have Thomas the Becket kills the Bishop, lol

75. QueenBella666,

Okay I'm sorry, but why would you guys put up a new game if it is in beta version? What is the point of that

76. Nikola,

This was the smoothest beta release yet in my opinion. Of course, if you do not like you do not have to play, but beta does not automatically mean unplayable. It is just a way of saying that the developer isn't responsible for bugs which may happen.

77. Ferrumite,

This sometimes happens in mexican train. In short, let's say you have 5 on your train, and you have for instance 5/4. However you want to draw, for whatever reason, so you press space. However, then unless the domino you've just drawn can be played, it doesn't work and you can't play any of your other dominoes.

78. Aminiel,

You aren't supposed to draw if you can play. This is a bug.

79. Ferrumite,

Oh didn't know that, thanks for confirming.

80. Nikola,

Also, if you try saving a citadels game while you have the option to build something and finish a turn, if you restore it the game is completely frozen and even f11 does not bring up the list.

81. Aminiel,

You can't save a game of Citadels in the middle of a turn. On restart it starts on the next turn, i.e. the game starts with the next character, what you still could have done at your current turn is lost. This is a limitation that will stay so forever. I don't know if it's very clear.

Or perhaps it's another bug that you are mentioning ? I'm not sure to well understand.

Latest edition by Aminiel, Oct 14 2018 13:34:15

82. Nikola,

If I understand you, the game should go on with the turn of a next character once it is restored in such a case of saving in the middle of a turn. If so, that would be fine except that does not really happen in this case. Check out this history:
The game is starting.
No architect will be present this turn.
No thief will be present this turn.
A conciled character has been discarded.
Computer minator chooses a character.
Choose a character:
Space cat chooses a character.
It's the turn of the thief.
No thief is present.
It's the turn of the wizard.
It's your turn.
What do you wish to do?
You get 2 gold coins.
What do you wish to do?
The table has been saved !
Welcome to the playroom, version [14.10.2018]. 132 players are connected at the moment.
Information: playroom is now also available in portuguese ! Great thank to ControlAltDel and his team for this new translation, as well as ledare for the organization.
You have joined the table.
You have joined the table.
Wait for players to join, then press enter to start the game. Press B to add bots, press Shift+B to remove bots, and press Alt+O to set game options.
Space cat has joined the table.
Computer minator has joined the table.
It's Nikola's turn.
At this point, I had nothing to do and pressing f11 as I've said wouldn't really do anything. So the game didn't skip to the next character.

83. Aminiel,

Did you take your 2 coins or your card, or not yet ?
Perhaps the problem is here.

84. Nikola,

Yes, as seen in the history I did get my 2 coins and then I was supposed to play my turn.

85. Mohammedradwan2003,

finally i won sitadules

86. Mazdak ,

How can I find instructions for these two new games? I did found nothing on the website.

87. Nikola,

Ctrl plus f1 from a game will open the rules page, though the site should also be updated to link to them on the home page.

88. facelessghost,

Thank you for the new wonderful games!
It is a pity that in QuentinC's Gameroom there are so few games with a military bias.
only "sea battle"
I really want some other war games.
Thank you all in advance for your reply.

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